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Alaric appointed Anastasia Kerensky to be Commanding General of the Star League Defense Force at the end of Hour of the Wolf.  The new SLDF already exists, though it may only have one member for the moment.  That was April 3151, though.  I suspect she’s been busy recruiting.
BattleTech Miniatures / Re: Converting CGL Plastic Banshee
« Last post by mitchberthelson on Today at 15:09:29 »
I've successfully replaced them with the IWM metal Banshee arm, just cut down to match

Looks great. Thanks. Just so I'm clear, which IWM Banshee arm was it? 3E...1E....or 11X?
1) Players can paint any mech any scheme that they want. Paint has no effect of game rules. Do what makes you happy. Any justifications are player-generated.

But yes, for units to be added to factions, there needs to be canon justification (this includes material we have access to that is not public).

2) there are no thresholds, no.

Clan Chatterweb / Re: Terra. Home to ilClan Wolf.
« Last post by Metallgewitter on Today at 14:51:36 »
Imagine if said gene cocktail is proven to be true. I wonder who would be the first to call a Reaving trial against alaric and his spawn? If any even dare as so far Alaric is winning in every way and in clan society victory comes first. Heck most clans happily throw away their customs at first chance to achieve victory.
The Inner Sphere / Re: How is tank operation different in BT?
« Last post by Metallgewitter on Today at 14:48:53 »
You have to admit tanks don't need much for a good targeting system (neither do Mechs) Most combat distances are not even a kilometer between combatants. The majority of weapons don't have that much range at least energy weapons. For real life comparism the 88 gun that was used by the Germans in their Tiger 2 tank had a range of 3 kilometers (or at the very least it was said that it could rip of the turret of a T-34 at this range) What is the BT counterpart? A light AC perhaps? Battletech fights are usually slugging matches at close range unless you can slag an opponents cockpit with a Gauss rifle
Any specifications obtained in the trial in the Chaine Cluster were *just* obtained. There hasn't been enough time to retool a factory to build anything new. Perhaps in the future, but I think it's a bit early to expect their unit availability lists to change.

Sooner or less soon than a bread box?
1) There are a few factions that are not attached to a general list. The most prominent of which are Mercs and the imperio / scorpions. It’s  WYSIWYG on their list. They may field some other units not listed, but not in quantities that get them on the list (as is standard policy). 

If you feel something is missing that is indicated to pre present in a canon source, we are happy to review it.

So, as a further example:

The Wraith miniature offered in the Alpha Strike Boxed Set is not currently available on the IlClan Era Scorpion MUL listings - but it is listed as a Clan Sea Fox 'Mech in their IlClan Era MUL listings. (Ironically, that same box set also includes a Warhawk, which by the IlClan Era is produced only by the Scorpions!)

So, if a player wishes to (try to) paint one's recently-acquired Wraith mini in some manner of Scorpion colours, there'd be grounds for doing so (claimed as isorla from the Foxes, perhaps) on a gaming tabletop. But for the MUL itself to be modified, a future canon product would have to explicitly state that the Wraith was one of the 'Mech designs acquired as per SO:HK.

Would this be correct?

2) more would have to be published on Hansa previous to the crusade.

Is there a particular threshold the pre-Crusade Hansa would have to reach in order for this to happen?

Not that I expect the Hansa to be looked at again any time soon, granted...
BattleMechs / Re: Jackrabbit Upgrades
« Last post by Bedwyr on Today at 14:19:56 »
Not gonna delete, but locked per OP request.
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: The (Third) SLDF Regular Army
« Last post by Scotty on Today at 14:14:22 »
Yeah why would the population of Terra turn around and acknowledge a new conquerer shortly after a vicious and bloody planetwide conflict, a thing that has only happened three or four times before.

It's easy to forget, but that was also the Republic once. The population of Terra by and large did just fine under the Word of Blake, with the only major disruptions being when Terra was attacked by "the good guys".
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