Author Topic: Nebula Confederation (Star Trek/Nebula California)  (Read 579 times)


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Nebula Confederation (Star Trek/Nebula California)
« on: 14 June 2024, 15:58:34 »
   The Nebula California setting is a lot of fun and a great source for inspiration. This Star Trek inspired project is my second Nebula California project to reach completion. Special thanks to Herbert A. Beas II for developing the California Nebula. Special thanks for Wrangler and Korzon77 for all their proofreading, contributions and encouragement. Also special thanks to all other forum members for their feedback.

   One of the goals with a California Nebula project is trying to get the best possible fit to the referred source material, however that can lead to an infinite spiral of custom technologies and record sheets. Both of which greatly increase the amount of work and complexity of the project, making it harder for the project to be managed and for players to use. So, one of the notable challenges for this project was limiting the amount of custom technology and record sheets. For example, the Skip-Drive rules were at one point so massive and complex that it was effectively unworkable, so I simplified and abstracting them into their current form. The number and selection of the record sheets was also deliberately limited to what is needed for world-building and most common game-play.

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Re: Nebula Confederation (Star Trek/Nebula California)
« Reply #2 on: 15 June 2024, 07:55:24 »

Just for the sake of clarity--and not to yuck anyone's yum--I feel it should be pointed out that Maingunnery's Nebula Confederation and the Star Trek-inspired Alpha-Beta-Gamma Trinary shown in E-CAT35APR26 Plenty of Room in the Nebula California are independently created homages.

I fully applaud any and all fan projects set in our alt-universe playgrounds and have no desire to tell others that their fun is wrong, but I do want folks to understand that the material in these two distinct takes on a favorite sci-fi franchise are separate entities, which may or may not be compatible with one another on the same game table.

- Herb