Author Topic: (Answered) VTOL effect of Golden Goose and Ground-Hugger SPAs  (Read 139 times)


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Campaign Operations p75

Golden Goose enhances Striking and Bombing attacks, while Ground-Hugger enhances Striking and Strafing attacks.
Both of those SPAs allow VTOLs, but make no mention of any benefit they provide VTOLs.
A VTOL could potentially get some benefit from Golden Goose using the VTOL bombing optional rule, but it doesn't seem like it could benefit from Ground-Hugger, since VTOLs perform neither Striking nor Strafing attacks in Classic.

What effect do these SPAs have for a VTOL when playing classic?
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Re: VTOL effect of Golden Goose and Ground-Hugger SPAs?
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VTOLs used to have striking abilities in TO at the time this SPA was first written, and I expect that's what the ability is expecting you to reference.  But these rules were excised from later prints of TO for being broken even for that book.

I'll see about clarifying this in an upcoming book.
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