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Re: A few non-canon cannons
« Reply #120 on: 06 March 2016, 10:43:52 »
Smack me in the face immediately.

Trimmed K-F Drive
Introduction Date: 3060
Available for Warships and Jumpships alike.
The Trimmed KF Drive weighs (Ship Weight x 0.83125) tons.
It provides [1.4 + (Drive weight / 63,750)] points of KF Drive Integrity.
Using a Trimmed K-F Drive does not affect Jump Sail mass (use the appropriate numbers from StratOps).
Trimmed K-F Drive components cost 2 times that of Standard ones (6x when adding a Lithium-Fusion Battery).

The fact that this drive is even put into consideration, much less production, should tell you the mentality of Inner Sphere powers in this AU.


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Re: A few non-canon cannons
« Reply #121 on: 14 March 2016, 15:13:59 »
I based this on a recent discussion. Figured it would make a decent side weapon, but it wound up pretty subpar. Still, the fluff is nice I guess.

Improved HVACs
Code: [Select]
Type: Ballistic
Tech Base: IS
Available: 3046 FWL
Tech Level: E

iHVAC/2 iHVAC/5 iHVAC/10

Heat: 2 4 7
Damage: 2 5 10
Range: 3/10/20/35(48) 1/9/17/28(38) x/7/14/22(28)
Notes: * Produces smoke as per HVAC rules. (TacOps p.285)
* Misfires occur on a roll of 2 as per HVAC rules,
but don't damage the cannons or the unit.
Instead, this counts as a jam and can be cleared
as per Rotary AC rules (TW, p.140)
* -2 targeting bonus for the cannons, but iHVAC ammo has a
+2 targeting penalty.
* May use any Standard or Snub AC ammo. All applicable
targeting bonuses stack.
Tons: 9 13 15
Crits: 3 5 7
Ammo/ton: 30 15 8
Cost (unl): 120,000 192,000 276,000
Ammo cost: 3,000 10,000 20,000
BV: 58 122 173
Ammo BV: 7 14 20

The Free Worlds League's military doctrine evolved somewhat during the 3040s, becoming based around large volleys of long-range weaponry. Hyper-Velocity ACs proved to be too hazardous and unreliable, but Captain-General Duncan Marik (with characteristic stubbornness) ordered the LCCC to push ahead with an improved version of the cannons. Within a few years, R+D had delivered on a crude, but workable solution which enlarged and reinforced the cannons, preventing any misfires from damaging the weapons or the 'Mech carrying them. This gives the Improved HVACs incredible range and the ability to clear jams, but at the cost of painfully-low damage for the tonnage invested.

The lighter calibers have remained in sporadic use since the War of Silence due to their obscene range, but the 10-class has since been phased out in favor of the rediscovered Gauss Rifle.

Might as well throw up a (not exhaustive!!) list of all the AU tech brands, since I made it on a lark about 15 minutes ago. This includes a few canon weapons that are more widespread in this timeline.

Code: [Select]
Federated 10-Wave MRM
Sian/Ceres Bobcat MRM-10
Valiant Sling MRM-10
TharHes Defender 10
SDI WaveFire MRM-10s

Sian/Ceres Puma MRM-20
Federated 20-Wave MRM

Federated 30-Wave MRM
Sian/Ceres Leopard MRM-30

CeresArms Punisher Heavy PPC
Defiance Model 818 Heavy PPC
Lord's Light 3 Heavy PPC
Magna HellFire Heavy PPC

CeresArms X-4 Improved EW Suite

Holly Extended LRM-10
Kali Yama Type IIIE Extended LRM-10
Shigunga Extended LRM-10

Shigunga Extended LRM-15
Zeus Astrapios Extended LRM-15

Federated Haymaker HAM/1
Holly HAM/1
Shigunga HAM/1
Sian/Ceres Hawk HAM/1
Valiant Scorpion HAM/1

Federated Two-Punch HAM/2
Holly HAM/2
Shigunga HAM/2
Sian/Ceres Peregrine HAM/2
Valiant Helepolis HAM/2

Holly HAM/3
Shigunga HAM/3
Sian/Ceres Gyrfalcon HAM/3
Valiant Onager HAM/3

Shigunga HAM/4
Valiant Trebuchet HAM/4

Imperator Snub-2 AC
Mydron Model DS Snub AC/2

GM Snub-5 AC
Imperator Snub-5 AC
Mydron Model CS Snub AC/5

Imperator Snub-10 AC
Mydron Model BS Snub AC/10

iHVACs are manufactured by:
Kallon (Loyalty)
Imperator (Atreus)
Mydron (Quentin)
Mydron (Bithinia, post-WoS only)
Mydron (Gulkana, post-WoS only)
Terra (pre-WoS only)

Ceres Arms Puncher Light PPC
Donal Light PPC
Defiance Model 284 Light PPC
Johnston Light Parti-Cannon

Defiance H2S Heavy Small Laser
Magna Mk.IV Heavy Small Laser

Magna Mk.V Heavy Medium Laser
BlazeFire PowerShot Heavy Medium Laser
Defiance H4M Heavy Medium Laser
ChisComp 58 Heavy Medium Laser

Defiance H6L Heavy Large Laser
Magna Mk.VI Heavy Large Laser

Shigunga Grenade System
Ronin Grenadier iVGL

Victory 11A Small Laser

Victory 41N Large Laser

Defiance E6L ER Large Lasers

Valiant Light Crossbow LRM-5


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Re: A few non-canon cannons
« Reply #122 on: 09 May 2016, 01:05:17 »
Considering allowing Improved HVACs to use Standard and Snub ammo, with a corresponding lack of smoke and increased accuracy (less recoil due to heavier guns).

Also came up with a Gast AC for good measure. Dakka dakka.

Gast ACs (alternatively, "Dual-Barrel ACs")
Code: [Select]
Type: Ballistic
Tech Base: Both
Available: 3057A CSV, 3060A IoS
Tech Level: E

gAC/2 gAC/5 gAC/10

Heat: 1/shot 1/shot 2/shot
Damage: 2/shot 5/shot 10/shot
Range: 3/9/18/27(36) 1/7/14/21(28) x/6/12/18(24)
Notes: * May fire up to 3 shots per turn.
* Gast ACs never jam. Ever.
* IS gACs reuse Standard/Snub AC ammo.
* Clan gACs reuse Clan LB-X ammo.
* Gast ACs' targeting bonus from Targeting Computers,
AES, etc is capped at -1 unless it fires in single-shot
* If a Gast AC takes one critical hit, it can still
function, but only as a single-shot weapon. Two or
more critical hits will disable the gun entirely.
Tons: 10 IS, 8 Clan 13 IS, 11 Clan 17 IS, 15 Clan
Crits: 3 IS, 2 Clan 7 IS, 5 Clan 12 IS, 10 Clan
Ammo/ton: 45 20 10
Cost (unl): 140,000 235,000 375,000
BV: 76 146 260

In search of new means with which to combat the surprisingly tenacious Inner Sphere powers, the Clan Crusaders have not been idle. While rumors have been flying of the Burrocks trading with yakuza within the Draconis Combine, and the Ghost Bears have begun reverse engineering recent Inner Sphere technologies, the Steel Vipers took yet a different tack, putting more resources into research and development and developing a new type of autocannon.

The idea behind the new autocannon's mechanisms dates back before the invention of the K-F drive, to a two-barreled machine gun called the Gast Gun. Indeed, some Machine Guns produced in the Periphery still rely on this mechanism, firing bullets out of alternating barrels and having the recoil action of one shot load the bullet in the other barrel.

While this has been largely superceded, the main advantages of the Gast mechanism is that jams are nearly unheard of, and half of the gun can still function even when damaged. The main downside is the high weight-to-damage ratio.

Prototypes of these weapons were captured from the Vipers' captured factory complex on Pandora by the Waco Rangers in a daring raid. Inner Sphere powers have since deployed their own versions of the Gast Autocannons, though only the Lyrans and the Isle of Skye seem to be particularly fond of it.



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Re: A few non-canon cannons
« Reply #123 on: 27 July 2016, 06:18:53 »
Hold down button. Get rocket spam. Probably miss with some of it. Good damage tho. Sentence fragment.

Light Short-range Missiles (LSMs)
Code: [Select]
Type: Missile
Tech Base: IS
Available: 3048A Taurian Concordat
Tech Level: E

LSM-2 LSM-4 LSM-6 Per tube (Proto)

Heat: 1/shot 2/shot 3/shot x
Damage: 1/missile
Range: x/3/6/9(12)
Notes: * LSMs can fire up to 3 times per turn
* Each extra time you fire per turn will reduce the Cluster Hits table
roll by 1
Tons: 0.5 1 1.5 250kg
Crits: 1 1 1
Ammo/ton: 120 60 30 5kg/missile
Cost (unl): 16,000 32,000 48,000 8,000/tube
Ammo cost: 24,000 24,000 24,000 100 CB/missile
BV: 15 29 44 8/tube
Ammo BV: 3 5 7 1 BV/80 missiles, rd up

Desc:   Intrigued by the development of Medium-Range Missile systems, and utterly terrified by the formation of the Confederated Suns, the Taurians spent a significant amount of time and money cobbling together an R&D sector. Perhaps wisely, they focused more heavily on trying to copy the hated Davions' new technologies than on developing new weaponry, leading to the few new Taurian-derived weapons (like the Light and Heavy Machine Guns) being relatively modest in comparison to the other powers' new tech.
   The Light SRM system follows this pattern of development; it is essentially a scaled-down SRM rack with a new rapid-loading mechanism. The pilot simply has to hold down the trigger and rocket after rocket will spew from the launcher. These launchers are quite compact and inexpensive as well. However, LSMs tend to have serious trouble concentrating their damage, particularly when fired at their maximum rate.
   In addition to use on BattleMechs, the TDF has started mounting LSMs on ProtoMechs, which they have jointly designed with the Magistracy. As a lightweight, effective weapon, the LSM is considered perfect for ProtoMech use.

I was sort of on the fence about this weapon, but decided to post it anyway. Honestly tho, I think it may need a little rebalancing, and some feedback on this would be much appreciated.