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Heavy Firefighting Helicopter
« on: 08 June 2024, 13:16:30 »
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Firefighting Chopper
Mass: 30 tons

Movement Type: VTOL

Power Plant: Fuel Cell
Cruising Speed: 75.6 kph
Maximum Speed: 118.8 kph
Armor: BAR 4

Communication System: Unknown
Targeting & Tracking System: Unknown
Introduction Year: 3000
Tech Rating/Availability: D/X-E-D-D
Cost: 352,088 C-bills

Type: Firefighting Chopper
Chassis Type: VTOL (Medium)
Technology Base: Inner Sphere (Standard)
Mass: 30 tons
Battle Value: 62

Equipment                                         Mass (tons)
Chassis/Controls                                   13.5
Engine/Trans.                                       4.0
    Cruise MP:7
Flank MP:11
Heat Sinks                    0                     0.0
Fuel                                                1.0
Armor Factor (BAR 4)          19                    0.5

                          Internal   Armor   
                          Structure  Value   
     Front                   2         6     
     R/L Side               2/2       4/4   
     Rear                    2         3     
     Rotor                   2         2     

and Ammo              Location    Tonnage   

    Bay 1:  Cargo (Liquid) (5.915 tons)1 Door   

Features Amphibious Chassis and Controls Modification
Fluid Suction System[Standard](1 ton)
Recon Camera(0.5 tons)
Lift Hoist/Arresting Hoist(3 tons)

I came up with this one a bit ago. Essentially trying to figure out the ways that firefighting can be conducted with battletech technology. This particular helicopter is able to carry 5915 liters of water or flame ****** in an internal bay with a door that allows it to be dumped out onto a flame. A recon camera feeds detailed information back to the firefighting crew which allows them to line up an optimum flight path and/or detect any problematic hotspots to dump their load on if they haven't yet been tasked with perimeter control.

The helicopter is amphibious which allows the chopper to land in a body of water in order to use the fluid suction system to suck up tremendous amounts of water from any local body of the stuff so that it doesn't need to go back to an airport to fill back up.

Now according to Bambi's pamphlet, the dry mass of a 10,000 liter bambi bucket has a dry mass of 240 kg. If I assume that's with Tech C construction, this chopper should be able to carry a 14500 liter Tech D bambi bucket, something over twice the chopper's internal capacity which is great for perimeter construction, but if you're on hotspot control you need to get down closer to the flames for the same accuracy.

It uses a Fuel Cell engine in the 3000s because that gives it more weight to work with and while fuel cells are unreliable in combat until the clan invasion era, the most combat this chopper is likely to see would be mentally unstable randos with shotguns assuming the police don't pounce on them first for transfer to an asylum, and that's in the absolute worst possible scenario.


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Re: Heavy Firefighting Helicopter
« Reply #1 on: 08 June 2024, 14:19:49 »
Makes sense overall, though I'd move one point of armor from the nose to the rear.