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Multi-Image Signatures
« on: 12 June 2013, 10:26:37 »
Howdy web-powers-that-be.
I was wondering if you'd ever consider allowing multiple images in signatures.  I realize you don't want people image-spamming with dozens of banners, but if it was simply a rule not to do so (the way signature size is) and not locked-down by code, I'd assume it wouldn't me any more of an issue.  As far as I've seen, people generally obey the rules.

Why?  Why would anyone want this?  Well, BB Code doesn't allow image maps, and the best use of a signature is one which hyperlinks to whatever item of interest the signature is depicting.  In my case, I used my sig-space to showcase my logos for the various battletech units I've created, and thought it would be even better to segment the banner into seven pieces and use each as a hyperlink to forum threads where I detailed the units.  When I tried to do this, computer said no.  If each piece of the banner still combines to no more than the original size limitation, I can't see why it's a bad thing.  Visually it would be no different, data size and/or bandwidth consumption would be the exact same, and yet it could become a very useful tool instead of just a flashy image.

Just something to consider.  I have my doubts it will happen, but if I say nothing, it definitely won't.

PS: If by some miracle you do like and/or implement my idea, doubling the character limit on signatures would also help.  Backed by rules again so people don't abuse it to put massive signatures, but IMG and URL code tends to consume 1024 characters faster than an Ultra-AC/20 consumes ammo.  /pun