Author Topic: Website and Forum Support Board Rules - PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING  (Read 25329 times)


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This forum board is for members of the BattleTech forums to post technical comments, suggestions and use questions about the main website, this forum, and

Board and Post content is restricted to technical questions or problems you may be experiencing on the aforementioned sites, or suggestions on how to improve your user experience.

This board is not for posts pertaining to anything game-related or websites not listed above. Please post game-related questions in the appropriate forum board.

Do not post questions regarding, BattleCorps, MechWarrior Online or MechWarrior Tactics. These websites have their own support apparatus.

When creating a post on this board we ask that you try and do the following:

If posting an error, please title the post "ERROR" followed by the error or approximation of the error in the post title.

Ex. ERROR - Weird Text Characters in Post

If posting a use or technical question, please title the post "TECHNICAL" followed by the use or technical question, or a approximation in the post title.

Ex. TECHNICAL - How to send a PM? or TECHNICAL - Can I change my username?

If posting a suggestion, please title the post "SUGGESTION" followed by the suggestion or approximation of the suggestion in the post title.

Ex. SUGGESTION - Adding Facebook Likes

Correct titling of errors, user questions, and suggestions will help the forum's support staff answer your posts and keep track of new posts as they're posted. After posting, please be patient and allow the forum's support staff some time to answer any posts. Our volunteer support staff has a limited number of qualified correction specialists, and we require time to track down and research posted errors, suggestions, and any potential fixes. Please be patient. Some fixes or improvements might be totally outside our control to implement.


Please post all MUL-related questions to this board: This forum category and associated boards are NOT associated with the MUL.
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Re: Website and Forum Support Board Rules - PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING
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Another note from the mods that this thread will be kept at the top of the subforum.
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