Author Topic: Deciding flightlines of battleground hexes that were entered involuntarily  (Read 696 times)


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I was dabbling in strict aerotech rules and had a hypothetical scenario about an out of control fighter ending up on a battleground hex, and then crashing in that hex either by being shot at or simply ending a crash in the battleground hex.

Im reading up on crashing and I have a real good grasp on how to handle it, however I have a question about the crashing/out of control aircrafts starting position on the ground map.

In normal operation you get to choose a flight line for traversing or attacking, and when crashing you use the flightline to begin your random movement.

However, if you just happen to crash into a ground map with no defined flight line, how do you determine the entry hex?

So my hang up is how do you choose the starting hex of the flight line direction when involuntarily entering the battleground hex.

If i understand the rules strictly as written, I guess you still get to choose the flightline, explained by the pilot still having some minutia of influence?

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That is correct. You always establish a flight line when you end your move over a battlefield mapsheet, and it's always the controlling player's choice.
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