Author Topic: Games of Berkeley - Introducing the Hurbiemech  (Read 574 times)


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Games of Berkeley - Introducing the Hurbiemech
« on: 22 January 2024, 01:52:18 »
Mixed clantech lance, all the way from the Golden Century to fairly recent, could be a Society assembled museum force.

Iron Cheetah A
Horned Owl Efreet Custom
Drift Shag


IS Battlearmor OpFor

Grey Death Standard x4
Rottweilers x4

Pilots were all at 4/5 and the game lasted for 8 turns, being called for time.

First few turns were spent in maneuvers, with the Maxim dropping off BA and the lighter clan mechs going for an encirclement. 

The Hurbie and Iron Cheetah stayed in the rear as an ambusher and sniper, with the improved speed of the Hurbie proving an interesting target for the IS mechs, while the BA tried to chew up the Iron Cheetah and lighter mechs.  The Drift Shag,  Iron Cheetah and Horned Owl did take numerous BA hits, but were all able to break off and distance themselves from the attacks. 

The Commando was the first casualty a victim of buckshot from the Hurbie and concentrated laser fire from the Drift Shag.  The Uziel in the meantime, with help from ranged LRM fire from the Archer and Maxim were steadily depleting armor on the Hurbie, and Drift Shag.  The Rottweilers lived up to thier name, keeping up with the Iron Cheetah and harassing the Horned Owl.

By turn 4, the Mantueffel and Maxim were able to support the Uziel and kept the Iron Cheetah from linking up with the Hurbie and Drift Shag, while the Horned Owl was harassing the Archer with repeated SRM fire.  The Morrigan in the meantime spent its time zipping around the map dropping ATM fire on targets of opportunity.


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Re: Games of Berkeley - Introducing the Hurbiemech
« Reply #1 on: 22 January 2024, 02:03:24 »
Turn 5 and 6 saw the Morrigan support the Horned Owl, before decapitating the poor Archer with a heavy large laser strike. 

The Maxim was next, as it ended up taking several motive crits until finally being immobilized, followed by the Mantueffel. 

The Uziel, with help from the BA teams and aforementioned vehicles ended up causing the Iron Cheetah to fall over and knock the pilot unconscious, as well as blowing off the UAC20 arm.  The Hurbie by this time was almost out of LB10X ammo, virtually no armor and had suffered an engine hit.  The Drift Shag was minus its ER Large laser, but still wreaking havoc with the quad ER smalls.

It was agreed by turn 8, the Iron Cheetah and Hurbie would probably be dead in another turn, while the still relatively undamaged Horned Owl and Morrigan would be able to outpace and pick apart the remaining BA, but could still fall victim to the Uziel. 

Overall, it was fun, got to try out the quadvee Hurbie, test out the Efreet Horned Owl and learned to better appreciate battlearmor.


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Re: Games of Berkeley - Introducing the Hurbiemech
« Reply #2 on: 05 February 2024, 21:16:38 »
Sounds like a win all around! :)