Author Topic: Society BF Element/Unit question  (Read 1539 times)


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Society BF Element/Unit question
« on: 24 April 2013, 16:52:08 »

While the Society 'Mechs offered in The Wars of Reaving Supplemental (to include the "Z" variants of older OmniMechs) have yet to be added to the MUL in BF/QS/AS terms, there was one thing I was wondering: which level of deployment counts as a Society Unit; a Sept, or a Trey?

Presumably, each Un would correspond to an Element, but it might be awkward to run Septs or Treys, depending on which of those equates to a Unit in BattleForce terms.

And would they share this organization with any Bandit/Dark Caste forces operating in the same theatre, or do those deploy in standard Clan Stars instead? (A Dark Caste force running Septs and Treys would allow for that dynamic to be tested without having to wait for the Z variants to show up.)
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