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Weird question about miniatures
« on: 07 May 2024, 01:45:05 »
Does anybody have a list of the height and weight of various Battletech miniatures? (Without bases of any kind.) I'm trying to figure out the internal volume of BattleMechs for some house-rule scaling ideas. My own minis are in storage atm.
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Four Davie scouts break into the perimeter! "What the devil!" as I grab my Neurohelmet and AC/10. Blow a hovercar-sized hole into the first 'Mech; he explodes on the spot.
Ready my small laser against the second 'Mech - misses him entirely since its effective range is 90 meters and nails the neighbour's Raxx.
I have to resort to the Long Tom mounted on the top of the base, loaded with cluster ammo. "Tally-ho, Rats!" The clusters shred two 'Mechs in the blast. The sound and extra shrapnel set off DropShip klaxons.
Fire up jump jets and DFA the last terrified FedRat. He burns out on the pavement waiting for the salvage techs to arrive since Inferno rounds cooking off are impossible to extinguish!

Ah... just like the House Masters intended!


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Re: Weird question about miniatures
« Reply #1 on: 07 May 2024, 04:33:18 »
The only ones not based I have are unassembled - which makes estimating height tricky.

Plus there's little consistency between IWM's minis over the years, and even within the new Classic plastics (Mad Dog and Awesome are decidedly oversized, but look so good it doesn't trigger my grumpy side ;) )

BTW, vehicles operate on a completely separate scale again. I did work out some equivalencies so I could scale some 3D prints of tanks I was having made. But vehicles work out at around 1:200, except significantly wider than real-world armour.

Mechs are supposedly 1:285, but one only has to compare to GHQ's accurate 1:285 vehicles to realise that's a little ambitious. The Classics may be somewhere like 1:200. Must do some measuring this weekend ...
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Re: Weird question about miniatures
« Reply #2 on: 07 May 2024, 11:56:37 »
"Scale? We don't need no stinkin' scale!"

Accuracy has never really been a thing. "Close enough" has.