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Big Game Rules for August 27
« on: 26 August 2011, 22:04:33 »
Tomorrow, the warriors of Clan Mutant Sea Bass engage in battle to celebrate our friendship with one Scott Willerton (aka Broadsword on these forums), who leaves us now to join the U.S. Marine Corp.

I thought I would share the special rules, for your entertainment:

1. 2400 points per player (but see rule #5 below). Limit of 4 artillery pieces per army.
2. Two players will be paired up on the day of the event, to face an opposing team of 2 players. Scott will make the pairings, because this is his send-off event!
3. Each player gets 8 orders per turn. The number of orders may not be decreased nor increased by any means – abilities such as Consuela Dagmar’s “Superior Tactics” ability, the House Liao “Awe” faction ability, Command, and Recon are all ignored.

4. Play will pass from the first player on the first team, to the first player on the second, then back to the second player from the first team, and finally to the second player on the second team. Orders may not be shared by teammates. Teammate’s units are considered friendly units – they may be repaired or cooled via Coolant Flush – but cannot receive benefits from SA or FP cards, pilot abilities, etc.
5. Players may also build a 4000-point army to have on “stand by”. If we have an odd number of players on the day of the event, we will ask for volunteers to take their 4000-pt army against opposing teams of 2 players with 4800 combined points. This is strictly optional and open to anyone who wants this extra challenge!

4000-point armies may use 12 orders per turn, are still limited to 4 artillery units, and may place 3 pieces of terrain. When one player goes against an opposing team, the three players each roll off. Play passes from the high roll to the second highest roll then to the least roll each round.

6. Field of play will be 2 standard boards placed together. Each team places 3 pieces of terrain. Time limit is 75 minutes per round.  When time is called, the current round being played must still be completed, and all effects on damage dice and heat dice must be resolved.
7. Custom units are all allowed, provided they have been approved by Travis. Also, all gear cards created by Travis are allowed.
8. Each player may use one custom gear card. This card is considered unique – only one copy may be used per army. For a full list of approved custom gears, see this post:
9. Special Damage Rule: Borrowing an idea from the Solaris VII rules, all heat and damage dealt or taken during a turn is applied to a heat die and a damage die, one of each per unit. After a full round of 4 turns – one turn for each of the 4 players at that table – all heat and damage is dealt to units simultaneously before beginning the next round of 4 turns. All heat rolls are considered to be made at the same time. After all heat and damage is applied, eliminated units are removed, and play continues to the next round of turns.

10. Scott will announce planetary conditions and/or mission cards each round.

1. Do we need to have a Solaris VII rulebook with us in order to play?
a. Although we consulted the Solaris rules a good bit while discussing the format, the only rule taken from Solaris is Rule #9 above. In all other ways, you should assume that normal MW:AoD rules take precedence.
2. How does venting and resting Mech units work?
a. When a vent order is given, the Mech unit immediately turns its heat dial clockwise (loses heat), even if there is heat on its heat die waiting to be dealt. When a Mech unit is not given an order during a turn, that player gives the unit one click of cooling at the end of his turn, before play passes to the next person in the round.
3. How does Repair work?
a. Similarly to venting, a successful repair attempt will deal clicks of repair immediately when the repair order is given. The repair does not affect damage dice. Units that are on their green starting markers may not be the targets of repair attempts.
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Re: Big Game Rules for August 27
« Reply #1 on: 28 August 2011, 03:47:20 »
Custom gear cards??      How do we get warrenborn to upload these!?   :)
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Re: Big Game Rules for August 27
« Reply #2 on: 28 August 2011, 18:26:16 »
It would be cool if took on a role of centralizing published House Rules and custom mechs/gear.  Course the day my beloved Sea Bass Commons become available is the day I lateral shift to the Air Force or Army.  But I'd love to see everyone have access to Archangels, Blood Basses, and Improved Omni Hardpoints for Assault Mech PPCs and HAG Retrofits! 


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Re: Big Game Rules for August 27
« Reply #3 on: 04 September 2011, 22:27:51 »
Custom gear cards??      How do we get warrenborn to upload these!?   :)
Find the old archived threads, go over to MWRealms and see if you can find any of them left (most are dead links) or get me to re-start the thread I had here show casing Custom stuff.  The only thing holding me back are the files on are a hard drive of a PC I have to replace parts on.