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Lacuna Coil - Layers of time
Bad lads army
MechWarrior Hall / Re: Word Association 36: SAY WHAT AGAIN!!!
« Last post by NightSarge on Today at 06:13:47 »
BattleTech Miniatures / Re: AIMB's miniatures
« Last post by DEZOAT on Today at 05:51:04 »
 :shocked: :cheesy: :cool: WOW!!! The Lyran Royal Guards look great. Great job on the minis and great pick on minis for the Lyran Royal Guards. Thanks for the pics.
 :tongue: :lipsrsealed: :sad: I still have not receive email from QML as of right now.
Non-Canon Units / Re: Mac's Shieldbreakers
« Last post by Crimson Dynamo on Today at 04:22:56 »
Do the Lyran's actually ransom POW's in this timeframe ??

A merc unit like the One-Eyed Jacks absolutely would ransom personnel back. It sounds like ransom was a pretty common occurrence among mercenaries since the Succession Wars.
Another handy aspect of Alpha Strike is how readily it integrates technologies from later eras which are more awkward to assemble in Total Warfare terms.

Oh. Absolutely.

I got my best friend interested in BT, he bought a couple of 'mechs, we decided to play a bit of Classic. Dug up the record sheet. AMS? What is that? Never heard of it! And so we proceeded to look up a lot of stuff in TW when going beyond the AGOAC boxed set. With AS that issue just doesn't come up since the core rules are "overcomplete" in comparison with Classic. Meaning that some pretty advanced rules from classic have a much simpler, but direct equivalent in Alpha Strike's core rules. All that equipment is expressed through universal Specials which is far easier to manage.
you just did, though  :wink:

No malicious intent, I swear! I honestly do not think badly about people who collect (nostaligic) toys. I can simply imagine that, when you are into BT because of the particulars of CBT gameplay and/or an interest in miniatures, seeing an IP you love try to squeeze itself in a different commercial mold can cause some negative emotions. I had those when one of my favourite Rank & Flank wargames decided to cancel itself and it's creators introduced it's (far more simple) successor.
General BattleTech Discussion / Re: Beginners rules questions
« Last post by Inxentas on Today at 03:43:37 »
I'm also a new player and I recommend A Game Of Armored Combat as well. You get a lot of 'mechs for your investment, and the booklet it contains is a nice step up from the Beginner Box rules. It's the full thing, with Heat and Criticals and Minimum Range etc. What it doesn't contain is rules for combined arms (infantery, vehicles, etc) but I would consider those rules as "advanced and completely optional". The booklet is surprisingly complete, and even though I've moved on to an even thicker book with advanced rules (Total Warfare), we often use it as a reference at the table because it covers 99% of the things that actually come up in our games.
Non-Canon Units / Re: Mac's Shieldbreakers
« Last post by Daryk on Today at 03:33:43 »
Maybe?  It doesn't sound like you were fighting WoBsters...
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