Author Topic: Mech of the Week: Deimos  (Read 2659 times)


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Re: Mech of the Week: Deimos
« Reply #30 on: 16 June 2024, 03:26:29 »
Hi. I played MW4 since its start, and remember when the Deimos was added. The creator I don't remember his name but I do know what happened to him. He went to a war and didn't come back. Not sure which one, iraq or afganistan, but it listed him as MIA. I cannot get wayback machine to work to get the page, hope someday that someone will be able to get it.

Just didn't want the detail to be lost.
Also, the torso is reminiscent of a Abrams tank turret.

Thanks for that bit of our collective history!

And about the turret look - I've often considered kitbashing a Deimos, using a MW:DA tank turret, and legs and guns from my CAV kickstarter stock!
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Re: Mech of the Week: Deimos
« Reply #31 on: 16 June 2024, 22:25:29 »
Wonder which came first ... this or the Deredeo pattern dreadnought in WH 40K...

In any event, since this is a Snow Raven Alliance 'mech, you would think that there would be some modicum of competence, but nope... some of the most powerful conventional explosives known to man is hiding right there in the middle of the 'mech.  Even with built in CASE, eeew... 

Reminds me of an overgrown Pantsir or maybe the naval version with the twin AK-630's, case could even be made for similarities to the BMPT "Terminator".  The alternate versions just kind of leave me feeling meh.  Take the AC-2 version and cause some foreign object damage to VTOL's, hovers, etc.  Too bad the Nova system is pretty much forbidden, while the AC-2 version doesn't pack much punch, the range could certainly make life hell for non-'mech's.  Getting close-range targeting data from the spotter while standing 20+ hexes out could allow for some quality plinking on all sorts of things.


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Re: Mech of the Week: Deimos
« Reply #32 on: 18 June 2024, 13:05:15 »
Wonder which came first ... this or the Deredeo pattern dreadnought in WH 40K...

the Deredeo is based off the dreadnought from space crusade so def predates it.
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