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General BattleTech Discussion / Re: CGL streaming at PAX Unplugged
« Last post by Ghaz on Today at 12:59:28 »
Randall just spilled the beans on the other three ForcePacks on the live feed.  People looking forward to the Kintaro can rejoice as it's coming  :cheesy:
Fan Fiction / Re: Guided by the light of a (Red) Cameron Star
« Last post by Hotpoint on Today at 12:58:00 »
As regards the flag you've got to think about it in in-universe terms, this is a flag designed by committee in the Niops way of doing things.

Imagine the discussion:

- We want to signal our connection to the star League on our flag

Let's put a Cameron Star on it.

- We want it to be distinctly Niops though

Make the star red

- We're astronomers

Have planets orbiting the star

- We're not just astronomers, we're all about science generally

Why not make the planetary orbits look like the old model of the atom?

- Okay, so how about three planets/electrons, because Niops has three habitable worlds

Good idea, we're also three societies that came together, the original scientists, the capellan refugees and the SLDF

- Nobody is going to recognise the flag. Even people that might have heard about us by now

Yeah, better put our name on it

Aesthetics aren't really all that high up on the list of criteria.  :wink:
Ohh, saw the teaser for "Gundam: Requiem for Vengeance".

Must see that when it comes out.
Criminals who succeed long enough to have and maintain lots of military hardware are going to be businessmen about it.  The unsuccessful criminal is not.  This was as true in the 16th century as it was in the 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries.  It will likely be so in any 31st century setting that doesn't have an express need to provide players with some easy warm up fights.

If BT needs easy warm-up fights, why does it have to be catch-all 'pirates'?  Local outlaw bands on a planet would be easily as justifiable.  So would a small mobilized dissident militia trying to enact change on a given planet.  Or, maybe having to face down the retainer force for a Land Lord who has delusions of empire or has taken a grudge against a neighbor lord a little too far.  Or, a small merc group who has gone afoul of the law (whether that accusation is true or not). 

Think about the Dark Age right after the Blackout.  You have the sudden rise of all kinds of rebel groups in the Republic.  Eventually, many of them unite under a chosen House banner.  But, before that point, they're not much better than 'pirates'.  You didn't have to Leave a single prefecture for there to be lots of conflict, and that was the basis for the original MechWarrior Dark Age.  Whatever you may think of the game mechanics of ClixTech, the setting had LOTS of potential, something my group is trying to take advantage of while staging some games in that period in a unified campaign setting. 

Plenty of start-up fights, for and against the standing power in the region or on the planet.  Throw in hidden family Mech assets to treasure hunt for because of the exchange disarmament program, and you have something ready-made for a hero or four in short order.

And, it works because of the black-out. No HPGs!

So, that's another question, and one tied to personalized BT choice.  Do you have worlds without HPGs in your setting?  How numerous are they, especially in the Inner Sphere?

I know that there's not much support in fiction for those kinds of systems inside the Inner Sphere.  Some are hinted at in sources whose canon standing on the subject is purely up to choice by design. (Interstellar Players)

But, there's room for them, because dots on the star map don't account for the actual amount of stars that should be on that map.  I imagine systems like these would be something that sees steady traffic for some reason to justify their existence like special ore mining concerns.  Others might be inconsequential, akin to small towns in the midwest US that largely have been forgotten but are still on the tax and election dockets.  They're there.  The government knows about them, and sends in surveillance to make sure that the system doesn't become a staging ground for an invasion force, but otherwise leave them alone, or maintains a flag there as a potential back-up place to retreat toward should things really go south.  (Look at the huge gap between Tharkad and almost every other system dot around it. That gap is over 30LY in many instances.  There has to be some relay systems for commerce to the capitol system of the Lyran empire in there, because I can't see the Lyran economic juggernaut hamstringing itself with having to run a relay around to the one system which happens to be close enough.)      

1. No for this specific example. Magnetic Pulse warhead specifies an attack with Magentic Pulse warheard does no damage.  Cluster Hitter is overruled by that (the adding 1 is lost along with the rest of the damage, but the attack then does no damage).

2. For the SRM and LRM unit, Cluster Hitter only applies once.  If the unit has an of SRM, LRM, or FLK, it adds 1 damage.  Not for each of those, but if it has any of them.
In your example of medium damage of 3, SRM1/1 and LRM1/1/1, it would do 4 damage.  3 damage from medium and +1 for cluster hitter because it has SRM, LRM or FLK.

3. It does not have to use alternate ammo, it just needs to have the special abilities and make either a standard weapons attack or a special weapons attack using the ability.  A standard weapons attack includes the AC, LRM, SRM, FLK if the unit has them. (Similar to Anti-Missile System. It affects the standard weapons attack of a unit with SRM or LRM even if the unit is not using SRM or LRM alternate ammo).  Special attacks like NARC or artillery attack would not include the AC, LRM, SRM or FLK special abilities, even if the unit had them for its standard weapons attack.
Supplementary Rules / Re: Robotic cargo transports
« Last post by Saklad5 on Today at 12:41:21 »
Supplementary Rules / Re: Jettison-Capable "Weapon" Compatibility
« Last post by Saklad5 on Today at 12:41:03 »
I guess my will power fails me sometimes…
I was actually at Barnes & Noble yesterday & they had the ELH pack?  I think that was the one.
And I had to "Just say NO" to it even though I was like, but, but, but, ... MUST....OWN....SAGITTAIRE!!!

It was rough, but made easier by being able to say NO to what would be my 5th for each of the other 3 (Banshee, Cyclops, T-Bolt)
Watch him be absolutely no one we’ve seen before, like Devlin Stone.  :laugh:

I am egalitarian enough to go that way, but...

- Herb
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