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The Inner Sphere / Re: 3025 - How Common was LosTech?
« Last post by glitterboy2098 on 03 March 2024, 16:56:14 »
You could play up the star league aspect without using lostech.

Give them lots of the downgraded sldf mechs. Especially the more iconic stuff. Crabs, highlander, orion, etc.
Have them try to follow sldf practice of lances with predominately one type of mech in them.

And its already official that they use sldf color scheme (probably meaning olive drab) and sldf markings like the cameron star, alongside the FWL logo.

That can give you a lot of star league flavor while keeping the actual amount of lostech in play limited.
MegaMek Games / Re: Error in Streak-SRM ammo weight for Protomechs
« Last post by Hammer on 03 March 2024, 16:55:35 »
the simpliest way to do a Royal Orion would be to swap the AC 10 for a LB10X, CASE both side torsos, and swap to DHS. a VERY boring refit, but addresses a vunerability with the Orion

It has enough free space you can use both endo and ferro. That saves enough tonnage you can have fun with the big left arm, but anything else needs to go to the design forum.
MegaMek Games / Error in Streak-SRM ammo weight for Protomechs
« Last post by Cavgunner on 03 March 2024, 16:22:43 »
MML lists Streak SRM-1 and Streak SRM-2 ammo at 10kg per shot. This is incorrect, since the Streak SRM-2 should be 20kg per shot.

Regular SRM ammo appears to be listed at the correct weight.
QuadVees and Interface Cockpits have been adopted, at least on a small scale, by the Clans. The Clans are ludicrously traditional and hidebound only as far as it gives them an advantage or a sense of moral superiority. If they find a valid use for LAMs, then by Kerensky, they'll bring them back.

That said, it wouldn't take much to include them in a future edition of the core rulebook. They act like 'Mechs in standard mode and WiGE in AirMech mode. Their use in fighter mode can be mentioned as being in the aerospace book. Then you need less than a paragraph to explain their conversion special rule, with perhaps a note saying that if not using aerospace rules, a LAM that converts to fighter mode is assumed to have retreated, just like moving off a map edge.

Ehhh, The QuadVees aren't a good example of adoption.  Only the Horses (their creator) has adopted them as far as I know, and likely to be the only Clan to do so, at least for front-line and Trueborn units.  For the rest of the Clans, Trueborn MechWarriors have too much pride to share a cockpit with another.  The Freeborns might be willing to, but they need to convince their lords and masters that it's worth the Trials to acquire them.  I don't even see the Wolves accepting Tripods for the Trueborns or the Super-Heavies for that same reason.

LAMs are in a similar position.  Clan Warriors do not cross-train, which is required for a single pilot to run a LAM.  In order to get around that then, you need to use dual-cockpits, and they would need to work as a team within that cockpit, which Jade Falcon has demonstrated to not work with Clan Warriors.

Now, with the Snow Ravens having a strong aerospace focus, they might be the only Clan that would even try to use LAMs, but I wouldn't put money on it.

There's also the thing about the naughty Blakists using a lot of them in that kerfuffle they caused, which might sour some of the Spheroid Houses.

The Confederation was the only major house not up their eyes in fighting like mad until they went after Alaric on Terra.  Most of the Periphery states simply don't have the budget to develop or build "new" technologies.

There are some options to approach it, but that's going to go in to Fan Design territory way to quickly, so I'll just stop there.
The Battle From March 17th is On March 17th?   It's like Magic.  Irish St. Patty's Day Magic!
LAMs are a whole other discussion
British Isles, Terra
17 March 3151
The Wolves and the Falcons, in their bid to conquer the Republic of the Sphere and become the ilClan, have invaded Terra itself. As Alaric’s Wolves are luring the Northwind Highlanders into a trap in Scotland, the Emerald Isles are the site of several smaller battles between the Clans and the Republic forces.

Desert Games is the former Games U, and is located at 1550 N Stonehenge Dr, Gilbert, AZ.
Game start is 12:30pm. First round initiative will be rolled at 1pm.

Miniatures & record sheets for pre-made forces will be available, but players may also bring their own forces created in accordance with the scenario:
Artemis IV/V.  To make use of it, you need a 1-ton/1.5 ton unit for each missile launcher, and you need a specific compatible ammunition type, and you need direct line-of-sight to the target, and you need to avoid any ECM effects your opponent may have.  For Artemis IV, the reward for jumping through all these hoops is a meager +2 to your cluster hit roll (Art V is quite a bit more useful with +3 cluster bonus and -1 to hit bonus, though the restrictions are the same).  If you don't (or can't) jump through all of these hoops, your Artemis upgrades are dead weight.

I don't think all of these restrictions should be relaxed, but having all of them at the same time is rather rough for what is ultimately a meager average damage bonus (for IV at least; V is another can of worms).  I've increasingly found that the opportunity cost isn't worth it and I'm scrapping the Art IV upgrade for more ammo, more armor, or sometimes more launchers.

I think the problem is the Art IV is a minor buff to damage to a system you don't usually take just for their raw damage.  If you just want damage, medium lasers are more efficient than SRM launchers, but medium lasers can't douse infantry in fire via inferno rounds.  If you want long-ranged firepower, Gauss Rifles and ERPPCs are very competitive and actually have slightly better range than LRMs while having shorter (or no) minimum range, but only the LRMs can hit something on the other side of an apartment complex with the help of a spotter.  So the Art IV slightly increases raw damage in a relatively narrow set of scenarios, without improving their utility functions, which is really a big reason why you might want missiles over other weapons.

I'd probably start by scrapping the Artemis-compatible ammo: Your Artemis launcher bestows the cluster buffs with any missile types.  Frag missiles get the bonus, infernos get the bonus, and so on.  That way, Artemis IV can even enhance some of the specialty ammo, instead of being mutually exclusive with it.

If that's not enough, then I'd look into making Artemis systems work in indirect fire too.  They'd need to be refluffed, since the beam-based target designators and transmitters obviously wouldn't work without a line of sight.

I mean, given the fluff I should think that it would actually be easier to rule that Artemis ammo gets some of the same bonuses as Semi-guided, since they're supposed to be cousin technologies. Maybe like, if the target was TAG'd, the cluster mod gets a flat+2 regardless of fire mode on top of the normal DF mod, and it ignores spotter penalties which still applies even when you're shooting it out of a normal launcher.

Also probably easy the restrictions to just launchers that share ammo rather than every launcher which can have it must have it if you carry it at all.
Battle Armor / Re: There can be some changes for infantry?
« Last post by Retry on 03 March 2024, 15:53:20 »
I have no desire to play a game where heavy medium snub-nosed micro pulse lasers (slight exaggeration for effect, natch) are the norm.
Despite there being quite a few weapons, I think something like 90% of the weapons actually used on battlemechs is only something like 50% of the catalogue.  If we go by 90% of the vehicle designs that people actually use frequently, that probably goes down to something like 25% of the catalogue.

Somewhat tangential but weapon categories (ex: Laser, AC, LRM) tend to have size modifiers (ex: Large, /5, -15) and "adjective" modifiers (ex: Pulse, Ultra, Streak).  We've never seen any weapons that had two size modifiers for some reason ("Medium", "Micro") and I think only one canon weapon has more than 1 Adjective modifiers (The Clan's ER Pulse; I haven't actually seen these in the wild, they're not good), the rest only have 1 if they have any at all, none have 3 ("Heavy", "Snub-Nose", "Pulse").

And before you ask, yes, I'm no fun at parties.
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