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Re: TRO 3145--Federated Suns
« Reply #1320 on: 27 January 2022, 14:58:21 »
Ah.  I thought that was for all of us.  My mistake.
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Re: TRO 3145--Federated Suns
« Reply #1321 on: 27 January 2022, 15:02:35 »
Ah.  I thought that was for all of us.  My mistake.

Well, I do think it's good advice for all of us if there's some other random forum-goer who just gets under your skin for whatever reason. I use it, since I'm nobody. By the same token I imagine there are people who have ignored me.
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Re: TRO 3145--Federated Suns
« Reply #1322 on: 27 January 2022, 15:06:43 »
I do get that, yeah, but it's hard to pick up any kind of coherent theme as to how the TRO 3145 designs came about, or, well, how most of them are supposed to fit into FedSuns doctrine. Like, taking the Rec Guides as a comparison, there's a clear Hi-Lo force mix visible in FedSuns designs there, with the lower end designs like the Enforcer, Victor and BattleMaster bulking out formations while high-end designs like the newest Marauder, Nightstar and Marauder II models provide concentrated punch.

Let me jump in here, just about where this thread started to derail. Because of the way that RecGuides and TRO3145-FS are being contrasted, it is indeed interesting to take a stroll down memory lane.

Jellico has the tl;dr of it. TRO 3145 was primarily aimed at bringing the remaining MW:DA/AoD content into the classic BT game. Beyond that, it was a matter of supplementing the existing line ups.

I'll be the first to admit to having two qualms with this factional TRO: being one of the strongest representatives of mixed tech, making for very simplistic high-tech units, and on the flip side, a certain amount of eclecticism in the selection of units.

When developing the RecGuides, ultimately, the seeds we planted with 3145 were a blessing to create some of our new goals. They gave us a sense of which technologies we could develop further. With House Davion, stuff like the Vulpes or Black Knight showed their focus on simply developing the tech to produce Clan beam weaponry, and their new innovation, the Re-engineered Lasers, fit right into that. The work done back then may have been naive compared to the holistic approach to the RecGuides, but ultimately slots right into the tapestry we've now woven.

The eclecticism of the units definitely comes from a decided wealth of Davion designs in the TROs leading up to this one. And, from my point of view, that was a good thing. Yes, it means some entries may feel less than essential, but I cannot express just how happy I am at inclusion of things like BattleTechnology's Kruger Combat Car, TRO 3026R's Marten Scout VTOL, or an honest to goodness ultralight 'Mech. It means that TRO 3145 may not have contributed as many new anchor units for the FS lineup, but it certainly enrichened players' choices.

I would be thrilled to discuss this further. :)

PS: I had to reread the Scarecrow's fluff, couldn't remember it at all. Is the second paragraph of "Deployment" the source of this thread's ire? If so, I feel that paragraph makes a whole lot more sense if viewed as an inner-FS media bruhaha.
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Re: TRO 3145--Federated Suns
« Reply #1323 on: 27 January 2022, 19:00:45 »
I like the Scarecrow when it's used for its job

In a pick up game like Prey Seeker it's pretty awful

But if you get a resistance type mission, or a mission that is infantry/Battle Armour Heavy its great

Considering how much Battle Armour has taken a front seat in recent years I'll take one in that era every day of the week

The rest of that TRO is overall good though:
Kruger, Marten, JI2A1, Sortek, Zibler (yes please) Hanse, Centurion Omni, Templar III, Atlas III both aerospace fighters

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Re: TRO 3145--Federated Suns
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Also, my main faction was CLAN NOVA CAT. Frankly, anyone else discussing how poorly their faction was treated over the years is getting some SERIOUS side eye from me, barring certain other exterminated Clans.

I'm not even a Nova Cat FAN and I'll freely admit the Nova Cats got done dirty. killed off in basicly a sidebar in a civill war that didn't even slow the DCMS down was a, frankly pathetic end for the clan.

Davion players are hardly claiming to be unique for factions screwed over.. (TBH I look at what was done to the Nova Cats and worry that it could happen to over factions)
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Re: TRO 3145--Federated Suns
« Reply #1325 on: 27 January 2022, 21:08:37 »
Okay, this has gone far enough.  This thread died over eight years ago, folks, was resurrected by someone not paying attention, and has now gone wildly off-topic.

Thread locked.