Author Topic: (Answered) Availability rating for special iATM missile types (IMP, IIW)  (Read 2031 times)


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There are two different ratings for Improved Magnetic Pulse Missiles and Improved Inferno Missiles presented within Interstellar Operations and I'm wondering which of them is accurate. 

On p.67 under the games rules for both types of missile the rating is F/XXFE.  On p.61 under the Universal Technology Advancement Table it's F/XXFX for both again with an extinction date of 3080 for the IMP missiles.  The first rating, the one in game rules section, matches exactly the rating for the Improved ATM Launcher itself (p.65-66, 46).

My speculation is that there was a rating mixup with the Fusillade Launcher (p.65, 46) since it can also load the new iATM missiles and it has the F/XXFX rating and 3080 extinction date.
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Thank you for the patience.

We will be adding errata as follows:
  • Improved Magnetic Pulse Missiles stay at F/X-X-F-X and extinct in 3080
  • Improved Inferno Missiles stay at F/X-X-F-X but add the extinct date of 3080
  • The Fusillade Launcher would stay as written F/X-X-F-X extinct in 3075
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