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Creating statues
« on: 22 June 2023, 16:01:19 »

I have a few generic army figures I picked up- one I think was actually modeled on McArthur- that I want to turn into statues to go outside buildings and in parks for urban battles.  I bought a bronze paint.  But how do you get the patina on the bronze to make it aged/weathered/exposed?  I thought about using a stain to go over the outside, it would darken the shine some and really darken the recesses but I am not sure that is the best method.

Anyone make statues to go on the table?
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Re: Creating statues
« Reply #1 on: 22 June 2023, 20:58:44 »
Yeah! Very good usage of generic figures, I have done a couple statues for 6mm including an old IWM Panther sculpt and a Reaper Chronoscope figure. For the bronze, I was pretty happy with taking a bluish-green and really watering it down to wash consistency before painting one coat all over and then a second coat focused on recesses and undersides. If you image how water would collect, pool, and flow over your 'statue,' that will inform where you'd want to put the most effort. I also had value in using a brownish-green wash for the base to hint at mossy grime.

Oh, also some white spatter on the head/shoulders/upper surfaces. Birds be poopin' everywhere they can perch, and that was one thing that stuck out to me looking at example pics of statues.
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