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There seems to be a disagreement in the rules between TacOps:AU&E vs StratOps for rounding the tonnage required for Dropship Collars.  I would like to know which is correct.

There is a thread about inconsistencies, so I was also wondering if there was anything in the works to correct them.'s-dropship-carrying-capacity/
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My question section:

Tactical Operations, Advanced Units & Equipment, corrected 4th printing, p116 (section at the bottom):
"Docking Hardpoint (Docking Collar): Each docking hardpoint weighs 1,000 tons and is available only to JumpShips, WarShips, Space Stations, and Mobile Structures
with a Landing Deck. Appropriate aerospace units, massing a minimum of 50,000 tons, may mount up to 1 docking hardpoint for every 50,000 tons of vessel weight
(rounded up)."

Strategic Operations, corrected 4th printing, p142, right-hand column, paragraph that starts with bolded "Docking Hardpoint (Docking Collar)"
(No rules that mention a limit on Docking Collars based on vessel mass, only the carried mass limit allowed per Docking Collar)

Strategic Operations, corrected 4th printing, p144, Kate's Odyssey Jumpship construction example, bottom of left column and top of right column:
"As her vessel is a
JumpShip weighing 345,000 tons, she determines that the
first priority will be docking collars, of which the Odyssey can
have up to 6 (345,000 tons ÷ 50,000 = 6.9,
round down to 6)."

Strategic Operations, corrected 4th printing, p145, Lynn's Mckenna example, left-hand column:
she chooses to install docking collars,
and computes that the 1,930,000-ton
battleship can have up to 38 (1,930,000
tons ÷ 50,000 = 38.6, round down to

Tactical Operations (AU&E) is saying round up to determine the number of Docking Collars
Strategic Operations does not have a rules listing for limit on number of Docking Collars, but the two examples show rounding down to determine the number of Docking Collars.

1) Do we follow Tactical Operations and round up tonnage to determine Dropship Collar limit?
2) Do we follow Strategic Operations and round down tonnage to determine Dropship Collar limit?
3) Do we round tonnage normally to determine Dropship limit (so 25,000-74,999 tons is 1 Dropship, 75,000-124,999 tons is 2 Dropships, 125,000-175,999 tons is 3 Dropships, aso)?
4) Do we use different rounding rules for different units, and if so what are they?

(Whichever is determined to be incorrect, I will post in the relevant Errata threads.  If desired, I can also post this in the TacOps Rules Questions)
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Follow the TO pattern.  SO will be errataed to match.  Thanks.
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