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Artillery Cannon targeting hex across intervening terrain
« on: 04 February 2024, 00:09:29 »
Situation: A Hel B (A in picture) is Shooting a Long Tom Artillery Cannon at a Thug (T in picture).  The Hel B is on a Level 3, and the Thug is on a Level 0, but with a Level 1 adjacent between it and the Hel B.

Wanting to avoid the Thug's TMM, the Hel B wants to shoot the Hex and let the AoE nature of the Artillery Cannon hit the Thug.

Discussion came up regarding if the Intervening Terrain rules (Total Warfare pg 100, BMM pg 22) would cause the Thug's hex to be untargetable.

On the same pages, the rules say prior to Intervening Terrain, (TW) "If targeting a hex, the level of the adjacent hex along the LOS between the attacker and target is considered to be 1 level lower." and (BMM) "If firing directly at a hex (as opposed to a ’Mech or building within it), the hex adjacent to it along the LOS from the attacker is considered to be 1 level lower than it actually is (i.e. a Level 2 hill adjacent to it won’t block LOS to it)."

So is the situation:
A) The hex the Thug (T) is standing is blocked from being shot at by the Artillery Cannon due to Intervening Terrain rules.


B) The Hel (A) is high enough that Targeting the Hex (T) is not interfered with by that Level 1 (now considered Level 0 by the Hexes as Targets rule).

For expediency and "better safe than sorry" we ran it as A, but after reading up on the Hexes as Targets rule, I'm not so sure.

Edit: Placed in TacOps Questions because most of the weaponry that one would choose to just shoot a hex are in Tactical Operations, such as the weapon used in the scenario.
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