Author Topic: A new Clan Smoke Jaguar OmniMech available  (Read 690 times)


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A new Clan Smoke Jaguar OmniMech available
« on: 31 October 2023, 16:12:56 »
All Clan Smoke Jaguar MechWarriors report for duty immediately!

You have got the last two weeks to claim your free EBJ-PRIME Ebon Jaguar in MechWarrior Online!

Follow this link: Trick or Treat 2023 Lootbag event

On top of this free 'Mech, you can claim this excellent Alpha Galaxy camouflage pattern with the unlimited number of uses. See the image ...

Equip your cockpit items from the previous challenge to demonstrate your loyalty to your Clan. See the image ...

1. Clan Smoke Jaguar Banner

2. Clan Smoke Jaguar Medaillon

3. Clan Smoke Jaguar Warhorn

Show your Khan that you deserve your Bloodname! Fight for the Honour of Clan Smoke Jaguar!

(Of course, you can win a lot of other stuff too.)


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Re: A new Clan Smoke Jaguar OmniMech available
« Reply #1 on: 03 November 2023, 08:20:41 »
And here I was hoping you were going to post something about the Iron Cheetah  :tongue:

At least the Ebon Jaguar is still good :)
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Re: A new Clan Smoke Jaguar OmniMech available
« Reply #2 on: 03 November 2023, 15:38:43 »
Ha! I didn't even know the Iron Cheetah existed. Looks kinda like the Dire Wolf version of the non-canon Sidewinder. Not that that's a bad thing, necessarily.

But yes, Ebon Jaguar good.
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