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Las Vegas Open
« on: 22 January 2024, 07:53:09 »
Had a blast at las Vegas open.  Matt "the northman" ran a great set of events.

3 days and 10 games of battletech and alpha strike was a joy to see.  Day one was 4 games, and each game you advanced an age, from 3049 all the way to ilclan.  The missions changed each time, and there were bonus objective trucks you could control for a secondary bonus.

Day 2+3 saw us start in 1 mech in 3049 in a mech duel, then a 2v2, both set on solaris with the solaris maps.  Round 3 escalated into a 4v4 battle, and round 4 was a full 6 max brawl during the jihad.

Day 3 we upped the unit count to 8ish, using alpha strike.  Then we upped from dark age to ilclan for even more units, 10 or so, for a final showdown!

Jesty took first fpr the day 1 tournament, and Jeremy won the day in the solaris->alphastrike escalation.  Congrats guys!

Also going on was a tukayyid mini campaign where 6 players duked it out for a clan victory using classic battletech rules.

The alpha strike and wolfnet team also put on 3 events, a wolfnet 350 tournament, a doubles event and a grey death/helm campaign.  Great stuff, and got to meet awesome people!

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Re: Las Vegas Open
« Reply #1 on: 23 January 2024, 17:19:22 »
Totally agree - I was in the Alpha Strike tournament on Friday and the Escalation on Saturday, and it was incredible!  Between 50-60 people I'd estimate between the two tournaments on Friday.

Catalyst was also there with a booth.