Author Topic: CapCon unit circa St. Ives War (WIP)  (Read 2657 times)


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CapCon unit circa St. Ives War (WIP)
« on: 31 July 2019, 09:00:36 »
I'm building (and meaning to start painting soon) Capellan Confederation unit for the St. Ives War.

Size is currently 7 lances and intention is to get couple of platoons of Fa Shih battle armor.

Haven't decided unit yet, and there's a possibility i might make this two or even three units. Like Red Lancers, House Hiritsu, and some other.

To do:
-obtain battle armor
-assemble the minis
-paint the minis
-designate lances (WIP)
-name pilots
-assign skills
-short bios for pilots and 'Mechs
-calculate total tonnage
-calculate BV per lance and total, including skills

'Mechs, not yet locked all variant specifics:

Not satisfied with these initial lances.

Wonder if i should do away with the Command Lance and just make an Assault Lance out of four assault 'Mechs this unit contains.

Note that some units are strictly speaking from 3063, pretty late for the St. Ives conflict. Call 'em low-rate initial production models or prototypes. They fit the era aesthetic well enough, even if hard dates are wrong.

Code: [Select]
Command lance:
Men Shen Medium m MS1-O
Yu Huang Assault m Y-H9G
Catapult Heavy m CPLT-C4C
Raven Light p RVN-3L

Battle Lance:
Hunchback Medium p HBK-6N
Vindicator Medium p VND-3L
Huron Warrior Medium m HUR-WO-R4L
Snake Medium m SNK-1V

Striker Lance:
Wraith Medium m TR1
Sha Yu Medium m SYU-2B
Anubis Light m ABS-3L
Duan Gung Light m D9-G9

Heavy Cavalry Lance:
Lao Hu Heavy m LHU-2B
Jinggau Heavy m JN-G8A
Thunder Heavy m THR-1L
Ti Ts'ang Heavy m TSG-9H

Assault Lance:
Stalker Assault p STK-5M
Atlas Assault p AS7-K
Awesome Assault p AWS-9M
Cataphract Heavy p CTF-3L

Direct Fire/Support/Pursuit Lance
Trebuchet Medium p TBT-7M
Cicada Medium p CDA-3M
Hermes II Medium p HER-5S
Clint Medium p CLNT-2-3T/U

Recon Lance:
Raven Light p RVN-3L
Spider Light p SPR-7M
Firestarter Light p FS9-S
Flea Light p FLE-17

Battle Armor:
8x Fa Shih

I'll be updating this thing later...
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Re: CapCon unit circa St. Ives War (WIP)
« Reply #1 on: 01 August 2019, 15:55:20 »
And this got reworked quite heavily as well. Smaller force now, but a bit larger than either of its opposing forces alone.