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AToW Companion Converting weapons to TW stats
« on: 22 March 2021, 23:16:52 »
AToW Corrected Second Printing 282-283 and AToW Companion 169 in particular.

I've been working on a bit of a project to see how some custom weapons I've come up would translate from their AToW stats to TW and made myself a utility to help with that but to make sure it's working right I ran through some weapons from AToW first.

At first everything seems to be working right.  Vintage Autorifle, Generic Autorifle, and Bolt Action all work out as they are supposed to.

Satisfied I move on to Support Weapons.  I start with the Corean Longshot LRM Launcher non-inferno calculations.  I run into a problem.  I ran it's averaged Class C ordinance of AP 6 BD 11 and figured the splash modifiers were already accounted for and came up with 0.39.  Did it by hand.  Still 0.39.

Clearly not the 0.48 in Tech Manual.

Next step assume I made a procedural error and was supposed to add the +2 to AP for them being splash after all.

This comes out to 0.66.  Again checked it by hand and still get 0.66.

Looking it over I note Anti Vehicle doesn't really have much of an AOE so I figure maybe that one isn't supposed to get the Splash modifier as I'm running out of other ideas and mathematically it works out the same as if only HE gets the Splash modifier.  Now I'm to 0.45.

To make sure I was sane and somehow still not making math errors I ran the David Light Gauss Rifle through and that came out fine.

So I then did the SRM Launcher and MRM launcher.  Ran into the same problems and tried the same assumptions.

Tried the Support PPC.  2.21.  Oy.  But this one I figure is due to some unstated modifier due to it's Recharge 2 feature.

So nipping that in the bud but wanting to go for something that had Splash I tried the Heavy Flamer.  No problem.

Next to complete the spectrum I run the Compact Grenade Launcher and Grenade Launcher since I am only running into problems with the Ordnance weapons and the other oddball of the Support PPC and yup running into odd results with those too.

For reference I will attach the spreadsheet utility I came up with(nothing fan in it and only a small selection of items as outlined here) rather than fill the post with even more numbers and hopefully it'll help illustrate my question/confusion.

I can only conclude I am missing a procedural step somewhere or that the Ordnance table in AToW has gotten an errata I missed somewhere along the line.

In simple question form:
Is there some sort of modifier for such single use weapons?

How are you supposed to account for Recharge 2 feature?

edited to remove spreadsheet.  Which I do have a corrected version I am more than happy to share but this does not seem the place for it.
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Re: AToW Companion Converting weapons to TW stats
« Reply #1 on: 23 March 2021, 07:31:07 »
Figured it out.

Something of a reading comprehension issue on my part.  Splash by itself does not add to the AP but does need to be applied in the Damage Factor.

I will note this also solves the Support PPC error I was coming up with.

I might have to suggest an errata to the Penetration Factor section to help nutjobs like me that catch on the mention of Splash there but don't entirely remember it is more important to catch the "C" mention.