Author Topic: (Answered) Fuel Air Shells vs ASF  (Read 336 times)


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(Answered) Fuel Air Shells vs ASF
« on: 27 February 2024, 03:14:01 »
Fuel air munitions are listed as an alternate ammo for various weapons in IO:AE page 159-160. It says " In all of these cases, fuel-air munitions deliver their attacks in accordance with the appropriate weapon system and unit type, with the following exceptions" none of which seem to apply to this.

According to TO:AUE page 97 "Artillery Cannons are classified as ballistic weapons, rather than artillery weapons..." As a ballistic weapon a Long Tom Cannon loaded with Fuel air shells should be able to fire directly at and damage ASF correct? IO:AE lists all Fuel air rounds as being Damage Type AE but not F so they are not flak but given that Long Tom Cannons are ballistic weapons that would only mean it's a standard ballistic attack on an ASF, like shooting a Gauss Rifle at an ASF. There should be no problems with this attack it just doesn't get the to hit bonus from flak.

According to TO:AR page 153, "Players can use an artillery unit located on the playing area (any ordnance on the Artillery Ordnance Table with an “F” Damage Type)" to shoot ASF. Since Fuel air rounds are listed only as AE and not F does that mean a Long Tom (the artillery not the cannon) loaded with Fuel air shells cannot direct fire at ASF?

As far as I can tell these are the current rules but they seem contradictory as in one case Fuel air rounds may be fired at ASF but in the other case they may not be. Is this intended and just a case of Long Tom artillery being too unwieldy to fire anything other than flak rounds at ASF? Or should they both be able to fire Fuel air at ASF or is it that neither should be able to?
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Re: Fuel Air Shells vs ASF
« Reply #1 on: 14 June 2024, 14:23:43 »
Yes, an Artillery Cannon with Fuel Air ammo can shoot at an aerospace fighter using the normal rules of a Ballistic Weapon engaging an aerospace fighter.

Artillery Weapons (not Cannons) can fire any ordnance that has an F ordnance type at aerospace fighters. Fuel Air ammo doesn't have that damage type, so cannot be used.
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