Author Topic: (Answered) AMS on WarShips and Fire Control Tonnage  (Read 2631 times)


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(Answered) AMS on WarShips and Fire Control Tonnage
« on: 18 March 2011, 03:24:20 »
The DropShip design rules in TechManual state that weapons which do not require a Gunnery skill roll to be used do not require a gunner. If this is the case do they still count against the firing arc limit of a DropShip or WarShip for the purpose of calculating fire control tonnage?

For example, on one arc of a WarShip I have 6 PPCs, 6 LRM-20s, 6 medium pulse lasers and 6 AMS. So that makes a total of 24 weapons in that arc. A Warship can have a total of 20 weapons in an arc before having to pay fire control tonnage, however only 18 of the above require a gunner. Do I still have to pay fire control tonnage?
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Re: AMS On WarShips
« Reply #1 on: 13 October 2012, 11:22:45 »
Yes, you still have to pay fire control tonnage.  Anti-missile systems are classed as heavy weapons and explicitly follow the core construction rules for all purposes other than gunner requirements (TechManual page 204).  In addition, if you look at the weapons charts beginning on TechManual page 341, you will find that AMS is noted as requiring a slot on DropShips just like weapons do.  The same rules apply to JumpShips, WarShips, and space stations.
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