Author Topic: Jettison Design Quirk - A thought exercise  (Read 1834 times)


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Jettison Design Quirk - A thought exercise
« on: 31 May 2012, 10:18:27 »
While reading over several threads, my mind was reminded of the Jettison-Capable Weapon quirk, and its place in the Universe.

Glancing at the rules for the Jettison-Capable weapon quirk, it doesnt really specify if you can jettison the gun if it's destroyed (All critical slots crossed out) rather then just damaged, but dont think it's out of bounds to rule that you can jettison a destroyed gun just like a damaged gun. It also doesnt mention 'other' equipment, like ECM and Active Probes. Which leads to the repair side of things. In some ways, this is better then an Omnipod. It only takes about 10 minutes (The normal time to load ammo) to replace a jettisoned weapon, as opposed to the 30 for a pod, and you do so without the cost increase/resource expenditure of the Omnipod. Where the Jettison Capable quick loses out is its inherent limit of two per mech, as well as a lack of flexibility compared to the Omnipod. However, what if the 'two per mech' limitation didnt exist?

What would have happened if the Star League had continued research into Jettison Capable weapons, and the '2 per mech' limitation was removed? How much would that have changed things? If they fully developed it now, would it prove an attractive alternative to full on use of Omnipod technology?