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Hey y'all,

So, I've been out of the hobby for over a decade, but planning on coming back with a bang, along with my son. We decided on the Amaris Civil War as our focus, thanks to all the awesome stuff coming out of that era, and I immediately decided on the Tartan Brigade as my Rim Worlds army, and my son did me proud by picking the 101st Airborne of the LXII for his SLDF unit, which was my old unit when I was still in the Army. Good kid, lol.

Anyhow, I'm still trying to find out what exactly happened to the Tartan Brigade at the end of age of war, but for now, I'm going non-canon; a home guard who surrendered may not be loved by a psychopathic leader like Stephan Amaris, so I'm running with the idea that the Tartans were replaced by the Republican Guard, and began to receive posts and orders that were suicidal in nature. Basically, Amaris realizes they are a loved unit back home, so makes it look like he cares for the unit, but really, he's trying to extinguish them through heavy losses. Through grit and sheer stubbornness, they have survived up to the Civil War, which is where my son and I will pick up the story.

Now, for the difficult part: creating the Brigade itself, and hammering down what unit's I'm going to buy. In the end, I want a Combined Arms unit, with a rough mix of older designs brought in from the Rim Worlds, and some newer tech..."appropriated" .... from the Hegemony surplus, including Arrow IV pieces, and a cluster of SLDF pure designs. To that end, TAG will be important, as well as ensuring every unit compliments each other. Also important will be the fact that this will be a huge campaign, that will take us most of the winter, something we can do to stay warm during these cold Alaskan nights, lol. To that end, this is going to be entirely about fun, fluff and a great story; especially since we all know how this tale will end.

To begin: Tartan Brigade


Command Lance:
AEM-005 Dragoon (Custom)
THG-11Eb Thug
WHM-7A Warhammer
RMP-4G Rampage

Interdiction Lance:
WVR-7H Wolverine II
TLS- TB Talos (Custom)
HOP-4B Hoplite
PX-4R Phoenix

Nightmare Lance:
DVS-2 Devestator
RMP-2G Rampage
BL-6-KNT Black Knight
MSK-9H Mackie

Omega Squadron:
T-12 Tiger MBT (x8)


Harpoon Lance:
CTS-6Y Cestus
EXC-B2 Excalibur
OSP-15 Osprey
RFL-3N-2 Rifleman

Hellfire Lance:
CRS-6B Crossbow
CRS-6B Crossbow
ARC-2R Archer
BMB-12D Bombardier

Skirmish Lance (Enhanced):
STN-3Lb Sentinel
KY2-D-02 Kyudo
JKR-8T Jackrabbit
SL-2G Sling
Zephyr (x4)

Heavenblade Battery:
Vali (x8)

FIST Squadron:
Vector Scout (x4)
Vector TAG (x4)
Vector EW (x4)


Next will be my standard Movement Company, aiming for a nice mix of heavies and mediums, maybe a few faster assaults mixed in, all designed to compliment each other. I'd also like to add swift combat vehicles to enhance their combat abilities.

Any further opinions to run with, or any other lance builds to match up with the ones posted, please let me know. I'm open to any ideas to expand this list into a Battalion sized unit with armor and infantry support, or thoughts on how to improve what's been done so far to make this list a bit more dangerous, while staying in the spirit of the "ragamuffins of the Rim Worlds" theme, lol.
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