Author Topic: Transporting units with Dropchutes and Jump Packs  (Read 1161 times)


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Transporting units with Dropchutes and Jump Packs
« on: 19 June 2023, 20:22:10 »
TO:AU&E pages 160-161 + 223 / 104-105+
TM page 239

I really don't know where to put this. How do Vehicular Dropchutes and 'Mech Jump Packs effect by a Transport Bay's maximum weight?

The Vehicular Dropchutes adds 2-2.2 tons as external cargo to a unit.
The Mech Jump Pack weighs 1-20 tons as external cargo to a mech.

If a bay can't exceed it's listed tonnage would that mean that a unit would either have to; A) use the next size larger bay, B) need to be refitted with internal jump jets, or C) not be dropped?

Example 1: If I wanted to transport and drop a 50 ton tank would I have to use the larger 100 ton Heavy Vehicle Bay because the Dropchutes would increase the tank's tonnage to 52 tons?

Example 2: A Mech Bay has a max weight of 100 tons. If I wanted to drop a 100 ton Mech would I have to install jump jets because using Dropchutes or Jump Packs would exceed the Mech Bay's maximum weight load?

Related question:
How many Jump Jets are required for a vehicle or Mech to make a drop?

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Re: Transporting units with Dropchutes and Jump Packs
« Reply #1 on: 20 June 2023, 23:24:51 »
Related questions.

Does the question about also include all external cargo, hand held weapons and externally carried battle armor?

Do externally carried items effect a Mech's or vehicles ability to jump or be dropped it the items would cause the unit to exceed the bay's transport weight or the jump jet's/jump pack's lifting abiliies?  Like a 95 ton OMNI carrying 5 Battle Armor, a 2 ton dropchute and a 4 ton hand held medium laser for a total of 106 tons?

Does the presence of dropchutes and jump packs limit the number of BA that can be carried, or their placement?