Author Topic: BMM Flamers outside mech-only play  (Read 903 times)


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BMM Flamers outside mech-only play
« on: 03 November 2023, 18:25:05 »
The Enhanced Flamers rule (Battlemech Manual page 99) has proven very popular. So popular, in fact, that it sees use even in games that are not purely mech-only. Given its origin in a mech-only ruleset, this requires some adjudication as to how it should be applied. While this plausibly falls under the category of "house rules", do the developers have any recommendations on how or whether this rule should be applied to other weapon categories?

Relevant possibilities include: heavy-weapon flamers on non-mech units (combat vehicles, etc), battle armor flamers, conventional infantry flamers, or possibly even any other CI weapon with the "F" tag allowing it to deal heat or damage.


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Re: BMM Flamers outside mech-only play
« Reply #1 on: 04 November 2023, 14:52:35 »
The rule option was intended for mechs, and officially does not exist outside that context.  If you want some guidance, it would come down to "does the rule make an otherwise-mediocre weapon have some increased utility, or does it make something quite powerful?"  Off the top of my head, I see no issue with it applying to vehicles, but would not apply it to infantry of any kind.
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