Author Topic: Melee Weapons and Crit Slots  (Read 447 times)

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Melee Weapons and Crit Slots
« on: 11 December 2023, 20:19:49 »
Why do variable damage melee weapons take up more crit slots the heavier they get? I understand why the weight goes up because like engines a heavier mech requires a heavier device to reach the same effect... however it frustrates me to no end that certain combinations are only available to lighter mechs that will get much less use or of them than their heavier cousins.  If heavier melee weapons take up more space why doesn't a heavier engine?... I understand that currently that's how they work as written but can we at least potentially work on getting an errata?  I just think it's really dumb that a 100 ton mech can't even wield a mace at all.  Also please don't say this is due to balance... because a 105 ton mech can use a mace and doesn't lose all that much for the ability to do so.


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Re: Melee Weapons and Crit Slots
« Reply #1 on: 12 December 2023, 04:44:21 »
For reference, when introduced, the mace was a hatchet that dealt double damage in exchange for a +2 to hit and a PSR on a miss. A hundred ton mace dealt 40(!) damage. Less damage and a heavier/bulkier weapon? As is, the current mace rules mean it would deal 25 damage from a 100-tonner with a +1 to hit and +2 PSR on a miss vs 20 damage and -1 to hit for a hatchet. It's bad all around in its current form.
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Re: Melee Weapons and Crit Slots
« Reply #2 on: 12 December 2023, 11:54:22 »
I can't really attest to the reasoning behind the stats for maces. Hatchets and maces have one crit for each ton they weigh and someone wanted maces to weigh more, which is reasonable and consistent (even if I disagree with it).

They could have tweaked the mace to have fewer crits per ton--but still more crits than a hatchet for the same type of 'mech. I suppose Battletech's...tumultuous relationship with fractions is the reason.

As an uneducated guess. "Must weigh more than hatchets. Must have as many crits as tons. Nothing over 80 tons being able to carry it is acceptable."

You can always house rule it, but if I make those suggestions, this thread might get moved again.

Supplementary issues:
-Sudden jump in crits from 100-ton 'mechs to 105-ton 'mechs.
-Universal size of engine crits, regardless of engine rating.
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Re: Melee Weapons and Crit Slots
« Reply #3 on: 12 December 2023, 18:52:27 »
At this point, the thread probably should be in Fan Rules, but without penalty to the posters who inevitably followed it there...