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Slow/Stalling Posting issues
« on: 01 January 2024, 10:46:46 »
Same as Daryk's report however there more too it.

Essentially, since the last update. Periodically when posting item, the posting essentially stalls seemingly. like its not getting through. 

I've had to refresh the page, getting the warning that someone posted.  Myself.  On the desktop, I've been backing out after the post hangs up / stuck.  Then refresh the page.

However, if I'm on mobile device, backing out or refreshing is more challenging since not all the buttons are accessible on mobile mod for at least Firefox.

This delay/stalling effect when sending to message to fellow member of the forums.  Which is worse since you can't necessary see if post went through or not unless you choose to retain copy of the message in your in box.

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