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Re: Total Warfare - 17 September 2023 (v11.01)
« Reply #120 on: 01 February 2024, 12:16:25 »
Corrected 9th Printing.

The entry for Ciritcal Hits to HIPS (page 127) does not match the entry for BATTLEMECH MANUAL (and should), in regards to timing of critical hit in relation to other leg critical hits.


After a hip critical hit, ignore all modifiers from previous
critical hits on that leg. This means it is possible for a ’Mech’s
performance to improve after a hip critical hit if it had suffered
previous critical damage to the same leg. Since the leg
becomes locked in a straight position, it serves as a sort of
crutch, making movement easier in some cases than moving
on a number of free-flexing damaged actuators.

BATTLEMECH MANUAL entry (page 48):

After a hip critical hit, ignore any other critical hit modifiers
from previous turns due to damage on that leg (even if this actually
reduces the PSR penalty provided by the leg). However, other critical
hits applied to that leg on this turn or later still apply.
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Re: Total Warfare - 17 September 2023 (v11.01)
« Reply #121 on: 07 April 2024, 09:36:01 »
Corrected 9th printing PDF.

Page 227, under Falling and Dropping Prone subheading: in the sentence "When a unit carrying battle armor fails a Piloting Skill Roll and falls, follow the same rules found under Falling/Dropping Prone, p. 224", change the page reference to "p. 222".


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Re: Total Warfare - 17 September 2023 (v11.01)
« Reply #122 on: 10 June 2024, 09:08:42 »
Corrected 10th printing, pdf.

p. 242

PROBLEM: Example text discussing LOS on Low-altitude air-to-air attacks diagram suggests that the only reason why LOS between fighters in hexes A and B would be blocked is that hex C has a level equal to altitude of the attacker in hex A. This is not true, since LOS also passes between hexes 0912 and 1011 that are both adjacent to the target fighter in hex B and have a level equal to target's altitude, thus blocking LOS regardless of attacker's altitude and whether the target chooses for the LOS to count as passing through hex C (0810) or hex 0910.

RECOMMENDATION: Change altitude of fighter in hex B to 8 - both on the diagram and in the first paragraph of the example text.
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