Author Topic: Detection of drive plumes and emergence waves by satellites (and airships?)  (Read 516 times)


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According to the advanced sensor rules, "Any military Large Craft" may attempt to detect an emergence wave (p. 106) and "Any Large Craft" may attempt to detect a drive plume (p. 107). However, in an example for high-speed engagements step 1, "Determine Detection," "they agreed that the normal observation satellites around their still-unnamed world had drive plume detectors" (p. 65). The "Aerospace Technologies" fluff text (p. 123) also implies that satellites can be used to detect incoming JumpShips. I realize fluff and examples aren't rules, but can satellites massing 200 tons or less detect either emergence waves or drive plumes?

Also, according to TM p. 20, "Large Craft" includes any areospace unit over 200 tons, and aerospace units include airships. Does this mean that an airship can detect a drive plume at the normal distance, or that a military airship could detect emergence waves?
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