Author Topic: Campaign Operations: How the maintenance and recovery phase really work?  (Read 426 times)

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Hi all.

I don't really get the way the maintenance cycle works.
In Campaign Operation there are contradictory paragraphes that confuse me.

In pag. 154, 3E book, it is said that units can be repaired, salvaged and mantained with a "Repair" order given during a strategic turn. And that's ok.
But later, in pag. 190 it is said that a maintenance/repair cycle is automatic every day! Not only that: the same paragraph says that a mantainance must be done after each scenario, between games.

To mess things more, in the following page, 191, it is said that maintenance should be done just once per week while on the field!

So, when it's time for maintenance? Just when an order is issued? After every battle? Once per week?  :shocked:
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