Author Topic: Protomech ACs and specialty ammunition  (Read 444 times)


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Protomech ACs and specialty ammunition
« on: 25 February 2024, 17:11:35 »
Looking through BMM, and the tech advancement tables in TRO: Prototypes and TRO: 3145 has left me with some questions on specialty ammo availability for the clans in general and Protomech ACs in particular.

1. TRO: Prototypes reclassifies Flak ammo from ADV to TL in ~3070 for both IS and Clans. How are the clans supposed to use it? UACs and LB-X ACs are prohibited from using it by their own rules, and LB-X cluster rounds exist, so the LB-X ACs don't need it anyway. So, what in production clan tech base weapon except the PAC could this apply to? Wouldn't vanilla ACs fall under IS tech base?

 1A. Shouldn't the introduction date for flak be prespaceflight?

2. In TRO: 3145 Caseless AC ammo is similarly added to TL rules for clan use in 3109 but, like Flak ammo, has no apparent application except PACs. Here, the BMM explicitly lists PACs as being able to use Armor-Piercing and Flechette ammo but not Caseless (See p. 106-107 BMM)

3. BMM specifically excludes PACs from using precision ammo, presumably due to tech base restrictions. Is there a reason the clans can't figure out/produce precision ammo?