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The first one should work out with a SFE, 4 tons ammo, and twin MXPLs.
Fan Fiction / Re: I, Caesar
« Last post by PsihoKekec on Today at 01:22:53 »
Falling out with his sister was one Mariouses biggest regrets and yet he carelessly made a fool out of her in a big way. Even if this can be hidden from the public, she knows and will remember, so in future he will have to be more careful not to drive a wedge into cracks in their relationship.
Fan Fiction / Re: Something Wicked That Way Goes...
« Last post by HABeas2 on Today at 01:20:44 »
ELMS-Beta4A (Canton): Eyes open, people! Fast-movers incoming; two-thousand and closing, west, north-west! Counting four—no, six! Six Bravo-Mikes, under shroud! Too fast for Stingers!
ELMS-Beta4D (Shale): This is insane! How many of these bastards are there?
ELMS-Alpha3A (Tao-Lon): Still no confirmation from BI.
ELMS-Beta4A (Canton): Enough to make you earn your overtime, Shale. So, quit your bitching and form up!
ELMS-Beta4D (Shale): Sir, yes sir!
ELMS-Beta4A (Canton): Sigma Central, what’s going on? Where’s our backup?
ELMS-SigmaG (Heng): Still no response from MilCom, Canton. Your guess is as good as ours.
ELMS-Alpha3B (Loh): Contact! Contact! Sector Five Outer! Taking--! [static]
ELMS-Alpha3A (Tao-Lon): Sonofa--! [static]
ELMS-SigmaB (Fetterson): Tao-Lon! Loh! Respond with sitrep!
ELMS-SigmaB (Fetterson): Sig Center to Lance Group A3, is anyone there?
ELMS-Beta4A (Canton): What the hell?
ELMS-SigmaG (Heng): Sitrep, Canton.
ELMS-Beta4D (Shale): Did they just veer off?
ELMS-Beta4A (Canton): Sigma Central, we have visual confirmation of six—repeat, six—Dolas emerging from the woods here, but they’re now swinging northeast. Advise.
ELMS-SigmaG (Heng): Standby, Cant—What?
ELMS-SigmaB (Fetterson): What the hell was that?
ELMS-Beta4A (Canton): Sig Center?
ELMS-SigmaB (Fetterson): All units! All units! Contacts on Tarmac Four! Repeat, we have contacts on Tarmac Four!
ELMS-Beta4D (Shale): How the hell did they get past the lines so damn fast?
ELMS-Beta4A (Canton): Seal it, Shale! Sig Center, please advise!
ELMS-SigmaG (Heng): Hello? Anyone? Sigma Center to all units, respond!
ELMS-Beta4A (Canton): Sig Center, this is Lance Group B4, standing by. Respond.
ELMS-SigmaG (Heng): Repeat! To all units, this is Sigma Center! Respond with sitrep, over!
ELMS-Beta4D (Shale): Oh, this can’t be good, boss!
ELMS-Beta4A (Canton): I said, seal it, Shale! Hold your piss already!
ELMS-Alpha3B (Loh): Alpha3B to Sigma Central. No. Contact! Sector Five Outer!
ELMS-Beta4A (Canton): What do you mea—
ELMS-Alpha3A (Tao-Lon): Confirmation. No contact.
ELMS-Beta4A (Canton): Tao-Lon? What’s happening over there? Are you guys ok—?
ELMS-Alpha3A (Tao-Lon): Seal it, Canton!
ELMS-Beta4D (Shale): What the fu—?
ELMS-Beta4A (Canton): Say again, Tao-Lon? You sound like you’ve had a stroke…
ELMS-Alpha3A (Tao-Lon): Seal it, Canton! Repeating: Seal it, Canton!
ELMS-Beta4D (Shale): Something’s really going wrong here, boss…
ELMS-Beta4A (Canton): No shit, Shale! Give me a moment to—.
ELMS-Beta4D (Shale): No. Sir! Swing east! We got smoke plumes! And my seismics are picking up steady temblors. Looks like…
ELMS-Beta4A (Canton): Tarmac Four… Someone’s firing up a ship. Sigma Central, I don’t know if you can hear me, but we have possible unauthorized launch at T-4. Respond at once!
ELMS-SigmaG (Heng): Sigma Center to all units. Repeat! To all units, this is Sigma Center! Standby. Repeat! Standby.
ELMS-Beta4D (Shale): Shit! Sir! My controls are dead! I can’t move!
ELMS-Beta4A (Canton): What!?
ELMS-Beta4D (Shale): My ’Mech’s shutting d—!
ELMS-Beta4A (Canton): Shale!
ELMS-SigmaG (Heng): Sigma Center to all units. Repeat! To all units, this is Sigma Center! Standby. Repeat! Standby.
ELMS-Beta4A (Canton): What the hell is going on?
ELMS-Sigma? (Unidentified): Quit your bitching, Canton. Stay off-net till we give the all-clear, okay? I don’t wanna have to come back here…”

[Endlog: 8 August 3144, 0400-0425hrs (NAT), Earthwerks Aerospace of Ares]


Shadow of the Dragon? I just tried googling it and came up empty :huh: I’m assuming Kurita-related but what other details are known?
It was announced at PAX Unplugged last weekend, its about Yori Kurita consolidating power in the aftermath of Dominions Divided/The Damocles Sanction, written by Craig Reed and supposed to be out later this month.
Hellboy 2 was... looking at it, there was obviously a lot of potential there for a good movie but it was just squandered so hard.  I mean, the movie would have been over by the opening credits if the princess who was ready to end her own life in order to stop her brother had actually gone through with it.  Instead, she spends the entire film being as useless and unhelpful as possible to the point that it honestly felt like she was actually conspiring with him.
The Inner Sphere / Re: Scorpion mech distribution
« Last post by Von Jankmon on Today at 01:04:52 »
This.  I would put them in one of the merc units you mentioned, personally.  They were pretty unpopular with pilots, so mercs with a "beggars can't be choosers" attitude would be a good fit.

Thank you.

I was just going to add:  made in the LC and you have mercs who can't be choosers:  I think that unit might by your winner.

Mea Culpa, the OP was supposed to read Mercenary, Lyran.  Four main factions total, plus militia.  My mercs are generic.

I could do one of each, or fit both with the mercs.  I could see merc liking the design, it is excellent for hit and run, pulls its weight in battle and don't care if the pilot complains.
Been a long time since i saw them, so i decided to get Hellboy 1 and 2..  Still laugh my butt off at the somewhat comedy in 1, and loved the fight scene vs Goss in #2 as prince Duala.
The grinder requires a battletech person sitting at the table running things.  If you cant run the grinder, its not something people can just run for themselves.

Sure it is, as long as you're not running an official event there's no reason you can't play in a grinder.  It can even help the game out if most of the other players are inexperienced- they'll most likely try to fight defensively and drag things on.  Playing aggressive to the point of taking heavy risks will help show that there's significantly less reason to hold back.
I respect the position from which it was said and the intent behind it, but "just get better" is not the answer I'm looking for when a paint scheme for a unit I like is difficult or not fun to paint.

Agreed. I have gotten better (arguably) over the last 10 years of painting battalions at a time, and I've picked up some great, reliable, and simple techniques. And I've learned where my skill level stops. Short of chain links & crysanthemums.
BattleMechs / Re: LAM Rules Redesign/Modifications
« Last post by Charistoph on 07 December 2023, 23:49:04 »
If you are playing a campaign with LAMs like I am, and your LAM takes damage, its not exactly hard to fix.  Plus, its very hard to damage them in the first place...

It is easy to be Damaged if you're failing PSRs on Turns left and right over Woods like RifleMech says happens with him all the time.  Or you're smooth-braining your approach in to situations like some keep doing in their negative cases.

getting a crit on a LAM is much much harder then getting crits on fighters, vtols, and WIGE, which all have special rules that make critting them easier.

That's true, provided your AirMech isn't flopping like a fish every time it needs to look at a different direction because your pilot lives off of crayons or you get your dice from Hellbie Dice, Inc. 

I mentioned something like that at one point, but it was in reference to getting a Crit on a Jump Jet as opposed to the Self-Critting MASC and Supercharger.  I didn't even think to mention the Motive Crit Locations on WiGEs or that every Combat Vehicle has twice the chances of getting a TAC (or that TAC cannot be transferred to another location with an Optional Rule).
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