Author Topic: (Answered) SCA Camouflage and Tactical Experts (Hidden Units)  (Read 1483 times)


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Good afternoon,

Do the SCA's Camouflage and Tactical Experts (Hidden Units) stack? For example, a player has 12 units in a scenario that does not normally allow hidden units. The player takes both of these Command Abilities. Would Camouflage allow them to place 6 hidden units (half the force) and an additional 4 hidden units on their side of the map?

Camouflage: Regardless of the scenario, the Force may place half its starting Units as Hidden Units.
Tactical Experts (Hidden Units): If the scenario does not provide for Hidden Units, this force may place up to four Hidden Units on their half of the map, at least 12” away from any enemy Units.

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Re: SCA Camouflage and Tactical Experts (Hidden Units)
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Yes, those may stack.
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