Author Topic: The YT-xxxx Cargo Small Craft discussion.  (Read 563 times)


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The YT-xxxx Cargo Small Craft discussion.
« on: 20 October 2023, 03:35:51 »
I've been puttering around trying to recreate a familiar Light Freighter of a certain fame.

But I also want to recreate her sister ships too.

So the Standard is 200 ton aerodyne, 4/6 with an Officer and two Enlisted. Carries 10 tons of fuel, and is armored by 5 tons of Armor standard Plate to cover them.

But the series has 3 seperate classes, P(assanger), C(argo) and P/C combo.

The Aluminum Falcon is built off the more P/C frame, but is armed, better protection (fighter scale Shields) and has the secret stash room. She's also 5/8, same fuel.

The 2400 is a different model, but still a sister.

My question is how should I dollop the cargo bays?

Full one hundred, two fifties, Main and two secondaries? The Stash Room is half ton. What's left goes towards armor. The extra Falcon engines are taken out of the allotted Standard cargo tonnage, to make up the difference.

BTW, using only half ton weapons or less.

I know about the MML version of 2sm. Laser, MRM10, ammo and 2-50 ton cargo, but that's 4/6. My TIEs are 5/8 @15 tons...  :cool:

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