Author Topic: NARC: Do you pay for Ammunition?  (Read 1194 times)


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NARC: Do you pay for Ammunition?
« on: 18 January 2023, 01:35:31 »
Alright, so here's the dilemma:

Me and my roommate are wanting to field some units in that would benefit from my Raven carrying a Narc beacon. We are used to using tag, and therefore adding the cost of semi-guided ammo to the unit equipped with tag.

We *assumed* that Narc would follow a similar process, but could not find a rule in the tech manual that said something as obvious as the tag rule:
"Only affects a unit’s BV if it or other friendly units carry equipment that can be used in conjunction with it. See Constructing a Battle Force, p. 315."

So, we searched around the tech manual for clues. Here's the reasoning we came up with:
1) Artemis and Narc ammunition are listed under the same description on pg. 230. (This makes sense since they do relatively the same thing, +2 to clusters.)
2) Artemis FCS requires the mech to pay for the system in BV AND add a 20% cost to that of the mounting launcher. HOWEVER the missile ammo incurs no additional cost.

Since a spotter mech (like my raven) has to pay BV for both its narc launcher and ammo for said launcher, other mechs in a force can simply say they have "narc equipped missiles" at no additional cost, much like a mech not paying for Artemis ammo.

So, are we correct? Is there a rule we somehow missed? If so, where is it? Give us your wisdom, o elders/veterans of the BattleTech realm.

NOTE: we are calling them "narc equipped missiles" as they are listed as such in the total warfare section which explains their function.
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