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Chaos Campaign Clarification
« on: 11 April 2022, 23:19:32 »
When starting a track in, say, CC: Succession Wars and looking at the warchest options, I’m just looking to make sure the following is all correct.
  • Both GM and players pay WP to deploy to the track.
  • Both GM and players pay repair and can level up pilots between tracks.
  • Both start with 3/4 mechwarriors.
  • Both sides start with 12 mechs and 12 mechwarriors.
  • Faction-specific options are chosen by that faction, and the WP point adjustment (some + and some -) modify the WP payout to that faction  at the end of the track.
  • Options for both must be agreed to by both and would modify the WP payout to both.
  • Some options affect both factions equally, but despite this are chosen by and affect the WP payout only for that faction. (E.g., on p. 18 the attacker can elect to apply fog to the battlefield and the attacker only will gain a bonus to their WP payout even though it affects both sides)
  • A side gets bonus option WP only if they meet at least one objective.
  • If the only objective listed is Hold the Field (as on p. 19), is retreat simply not an option for either side in this track, or would a retreated unit count as crippled/destroyed for purposes of the victory condition/objective?
Thanks in advance for any help!