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Radical Heat Sink System
« on: 13 October 2023, 19:40:44 »
The Supernova make that I'll be using for an upcoming game has this system preinstalled. This is what I found on sarna. net about it:

"When declared at the beginning of the heat phase, the Radical Heat Sinks dissipate an additional point of heat for each heat sink, regardless of type, once per turn. Each time the system is activated, the player rolls 2d6 to determine if the system fails, with each consecutive turn increasing the chance of failure. Similar to the MASC rules, the target number for each consecutive turn increases: 3+ for first turn, 5 for the second, 7 for the third, 10 for the fourth, 11 for the fifth, and automatic failure on the sixth consecutive turn. While Radical Heat Sinks do not explode due to critical hits like Coolant Pods, they do suffer an additional point of heat for movement and another for firing weapons."

My question is, does this system trigger every turn after its first use, or does it work only on the turns that you need to use it?


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Re: Radical Heat Sink System
« Reply #1 on: 13 October 2023, 22:38:03 »
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Re: Radical Heat Sink System
« Reply #2 on: 14 October 2023, 11:27:23 »
"When declared at the beginning of the heat phase

If you don't declare it, it doesn't do anything.
The solution is just ignore Paul.