Author Topic: (Answered) Kirghiz-C using Total Warfare rules  (Read 1219 times)


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(Answered) Kirghiz-C using Total Warfare rules
« on: 20 July 2023, 23:42:03 »
There is currently a rules argument happening elsewhere that has been going on for three days now. We all want it to end. Please help us.

The argument centers on a game using only the Total Warfare rules and the Kirghiz variant C. The argument has been made that using only Total Warfare Infantry Bays and Compartments are not necessary to perform a dismount from Altitude 1, as Total Warfare makes no reference to them, specifically states that Battle Armor and such pile into the vehicle's cargo area, and that they are only needed for the Strategic Operations drop options as the Bay or Compartment is what provides the necessary Cocoon. The dismount from Aerospace rules in Total Warfare do allow Jump and VTOL movement units to dismount from an Aerospace Fighter as long as it is flying at Altitude 1. That all checks out.

The counter argument is that Strategic Operations overrides Total Warfare in all instances and per Strategic Operations, Aerospace Fighters may only drop under four conditions. Grounded, Space hex, Space hex affected by gravity, and Atmospheric and that Atmospheric covers everything from Ground Map Altitude 1 to the High Atmosphere Map, so essentially everything that isn't Space or directly on the ground from a landed Aerospace Fighter. Which is correct?

Given the parameters of the scenario using only Total Warfare, I can see how the first argument can be correct as it does make no mention of Bays or Compartments and Aerospace Fighters are eligible to drop from Altitude 1 per the 2013 errata that added Aerospace Fighters to the list of units that can perform such a drop. My copy of Strategic Operations is from 2009 though, so it wouldn't incorporate or account for the 2013 errata that grants an additional drop option.

Edit: The point has been raised that Conventional Fighters can perform an Altitude 1 drop without it being considered "Atmospheric", which furthers the theory that Strategic Ops has not properly integrated the 2013 errata.
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Re: (Research) Kirghiz-C using Total Warfare rules
« Reply #1 on: 14 June 2024, 14:00:24 »
Strategic Operations: Advanced Aerospace Rules is an advanced rulebook with optional rules. If the game is using Total Warfare rules only, then Total Warfare rules should be used.

If players agree at the start to use Strategic Operations optional rules, then those rules would be applied. It is not a conflict that the optional advanced rules are different.
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