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Welcome to the Rules Questions Forum - Please Read
« on: 25 January 2011, 22:53:27 »
This is the rules forum.  Please make every effort to put your rules question in the correct subforum (which is going to be somewhere other than here, for the most part).  If you're absolutely not sure where it belongs, go ahead and post your question here, but we will likely move it to the right forum once we review it.

BattleTech Rules Staff

These people have been authorized by Catalyst Game Labs to answer rules questions for BattleTech.  If they post an answer in the rules forum, then their answer is considered official and canon.

Ray Arrastia - Adrian Gideon
Joel Bancroft-Connors - Welshman
Joshua Franklin - nckestrel
Keith Hann - Xotl
Paul Sjardijn - Paul
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