Author Topic: (Answered) ADA ground to air attacks  (Read 1187 times)


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(Answered) ADA ground to air attacks
« on: 21 October 2023, 20:43:36 »
Quick question to confirm if my interpretation is correct.

TO:AR page 153 gives the rules for artillery flak attacks. These explicitly ignore all modifiers except for a specified subset. Some of the modifiers ignored by not being part of this subset are the NOE flight and angle of attack modifiers that normally apply to a ground-to-air attack (TW page 110). However, Air Defense Arrow munitions (TO:AUE page 165) say that the attacker "may make a ground-to-air attack against any airborne unit" within a certain range. Despite being an artillery munition with type F, these do not seem to follow the TO:AR rules for artillery flak attacks, but rather are processed like a standard ground-to-air attack with some munition-specific rules for range modifiers.

What I wanted to confirm is: since ADA attacks appear to be standard ground-to-air attacks, they take the angle of attack (and NOE flight) modifiers specified on TW page 110 into account.

Is this correct?
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Re: (Research) ADA ground to air attacks
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Re: (Research) ADA ground to air attacks
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We are going to issue some clarifying errata.

TacOps: AU&E, page 165:

At the end of the second paragraph in the ADA rules, insert the following sentence:

Code: [Select]
These rules supersede the Flak Artillery rules found on page 153 of Tactical Operations: Advanced Rules.
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