Author Topic: (Answered) Resolution for landing aerodyne DropShip colliding with unit  (Read 621 times)


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The Total Warfare (p.87) rules for landing an aerodyne DropShip require the landing strip to be free from units.

Are there rules for resolving a collision on landing with another unit? (I didn't find any, but this is BattleTech, so usually there is a rule for that.)

Basically I want to have a battle at a spaceport where units may get smashed/blowtorched by landing DropShips and I'd like to have the rules handy if any exist. Getting blowtorched by exhaust is covered clearly, but collisions are not.
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Re: Resolution for landing aerodyne DropShip colliding with unit
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I believe this should resolve the question.,78829.msg1897299.html#msg1897299

A ground unit on the runway forces the landing unit abort the landing.

If the unit must land due to damage or other involuntary circumstances, instead treat it as a crash, with the first hex of the runway being the point you start the random movement rolls. If those rolls end up with the aero on top of a ground unit, use the normal crashing rules.
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