Author Topic: (Answered) Self-destruct?  (Read 571 times)


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(Answered) Self-destruct?
« on: 22 April 2024, 20:50:20 »
wondering what the rule is to Self-destruct/blow up your Mech
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Re: (Research) Self-destruct?
« Reply #1 on: 24 April 2024, 08:52:20 »
The rule in question is found in Tactical Operations: Advanced Rules, page 76.
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Re: (Answered) Self-destruct?
« Reply #2 on: 24 April 2024, 19:14:27 »
For future reference, rules question should be referencing a specific rule rather than I can you do....

Please review the following. In future of this nature will be moved.

Welcome!  This is a forum for questions about how the rules found in the various rule books.

  • This is not a "look up the rules for me" forum.  If you don't have one of the above rulebooks but want to know about something that you think is in it, ask in the Ground Combat forum instead.
  • If your question is "why is it that way?" or "why can't we do it this way?", it's a philosophy question rather than a rules question, and you should be posting in Ask The Writers instead.

In order to give your question the best chance of being answered, please note the following:

1) Make sure it hasn't already been answered.  Do a quick search of this subforum, and follow this link to the errata thread for the most recent rulings.

2) Pick a good thread title, one that makes clear what you're asking, so that others might easily search out your thread in the future.  "Water Balloons vs. ProtoMechs" is a clear subject and good thread title — "So I've got some questions" is not.  Thread titles may be edited to clarify things.

3) Please write clearly and to the point, and provide page number references to any relevant section.  If you don't, your question may be moved to the bottom of the queue or deleted altogether.  Help us help you.

4) Keep your thread to one question, or a series of extremely closely-related questions.  If you have to ask multiple questions in a single post, make sure they're clearly separated so that each can be easily followed.  Even so, a post with multiple questions will likely be answered more slowly than several individual questions, as we'll have more research to do.

5) Asking in that same thread for an answer to be clarified is fine, as are slight expansions to your original question.  However, do not add entirely unrelated new questions to the bottom of an answered thread — start a new thread instead.  For example, if you receive an answer telling you that something applies to BattleMechs, "does that include IndustrialMechs?" is a perfectly acceptable follow-up question for in that thread — "oh by the way, how do airships work in space?" is not.

Questions we're wrangling over will be labelled "(Research)".  Feel free to edit your post until it is marked (Research).  Don't do any edits after that.  Questions we consider answered will be marked "(Answered)".  Feel free to bump your thread if your question hasn't been answered after a month (don't bump it sooner than this).  Answers provided are official, but of course still subject to future revision or errata.

Thanks for your time!
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