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MekWars Forever - Operation Revival
« on: 30 March 2012, 15:18:38 »
MekWars Forever: Operation Revival

With the recent discovery of the Helm Core, knowledge of technology thought lost to the ravages of war had begun to proliferate across the Inner Sphere.  The arts of destruction and death had started to enter a new renaissance.  However news of the resurgent powers of the Inner Sphere reached the Kerensky Cluster, with the arrival of the Outbount Light in the Huntress system.

Fearful that one of the successor states would emerge from this technological revolution to establish its dominance, the clans convened the Grand Council.  A new Star League could not be allowed to emerge, not without the children of Kerensky at its head.  Four clans were chosen to spearhead the assault into the Inner Sphere.

Within a matter of weeks, large swaths of the Draconis Combine and Lyran Commonweath had been absorbed by the alien invaders from beyond known space.  Even those who recognized the origin of the invaders were powerless to stop the initial assault, and the clan forces managed to close within striking distance of Terra, the cradle of humanity.

With their supply lines extended and forces spread thin to pacify conquered worlds, the clan invasion has ground to a halt.  The great houses have redeployed their forces to face the new threat, and both the sphere and the clans have their own internal strife that continue.

The battle for Terra, and in turn the entirety of the inner sphere continues...

March 30, 2012 - Operation Revival Commences

MekWars Forever is dedicated to providing players with a Clan Invasion era server that can cater to both casual players and those with a serious interest in the ongoing campaign.  Operation Revival has begun, and the invading clans have struck quickly and decisively, gaining a significant foothold in the Inner Sphere.  The five houses still war amongst themselves, while striving to stave off the new threat.  Meanwhile, the Clan forces fight amongst themselves for supremacy while they continue to drive towards Terra to restablish the Star League in their image.  Players will take the role of one of ten factions, standing on the front lines of the thirty-first century.

It is now the year 3050, and the following changes have occured:

- Build tables have been updated.  All spheroid factions now have access to a significant amount of level two technology.
- The clans have significant territory in the inner sphere, and are within striking distance of Terra
- Campaign goal has been officially announced: Conquer Terra and at least one other faction capital.

The battles continue...

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