Author Topic: Returning Player: Conciousness Rules/Rolls  (Read 351 times)


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Returning Player: Conciousness Rules/Rolls
« on: 06 April 2024, 15:49:14 »
I played MegaMek some years ago on Version 0.3x something. Now I returned to 0.49.7. Really nice the way it went. But one thing I couldn't figure out: If a pilot has to make a conciousness roll (because of Mech falling over or something), game says it has to roll Pilotname+ to stay concious. No number or something. That should usually be a piloting skill check if I remember right. But main problem is, even the report states Pilot goes unconcious, in the game on the field he isn't unconcious.
I couldn't find anything about that in readme, Game or Client settings or something. So please tell me what I missed.